06 November 2007

Wow, don't play any Prince songs when you're using your video camera!

Not that I play a lot of it anyway, but good grief! Prince is angry at a lady on you tube. She video taped her toddler running and dancing through the house then put it on you tube for her family to enjoy. Something that pretty much half the western world has done, no big deal eh?

Well, she received a nasty email from a company representing the artist formerly known as Prince now known as Prince again, asking her to remove her video from YouTube. Huh? Said woman was confused. The email went on to say that the music in the background of her video was a Prince song and she violated all kinds of copyright laws. (here's comes Interpol now!) YouTube took her video down at the request of the company hired by Prince.

Yes, you read it correctly. Prince, and a few other well known artists, have hired firms to scour the internet hourly, looking for violations such as these. Then the firm goes after you like a rabid dog. It used to be that an artist was kind of happy when they'd here their songs being played and enjoyed by others. Now it seems unless there is a receipt stapled to the front of it, they really hate that you play their music.

There has to be a line drawn in the sand here. It is getting ridiculous. You write a song, you sell enough of those songs to get a platinum record, you get residuals on th sale, on the radio plays and if you happen to sell it to a commercial vendor and they use it to sell cars, tanning lotion or margaritas. I've bought the White Album by the Beatles in vinyl, cassette tape, cd, and another cassette tape because I left one in the sun at the beach. I've bought the same songs (some of them) on greatest hits albums. Oh and I forgot iTunes, yep bought it there too. Just how many times do I have to pay Paul, Ringo and the dead guys estates for the same album. It's worse when you buy and album and it sucks! One good song and the rest is bird cage liner. Still paid for the whole thing.

When Prince or whatever he is calling himself nowadays gets his chonies in a bunch over this family video that maybe 30 people had watched (and probably not even noticed the song in the background) he needs to get a reality check. NOw the video has been viewed by over 200,000 viewers. Wow.

Evidently he is, the mom is suing him in court. Now this should be interesting. I say, if you don't want me playing your music, I won't. There are a lot of other good musicians out there, if you can call Prince that.