26 July 2007

Help please!

I grabbed this shot while visiting my granddaughter. Today I was flipping through Aperture looking for a specific picture. I stumbled upon this one and I decided to share it with all of you.

I am feeling a bit like this "person". I'm under the bus, so to speak, and trying to get things done quickly in anticipation of the granddaughters' visit, which will include, a trip to Disneyland, a third birthday party and various trips around SoCal! We will be having all kinds of fun and this crafting, driving, random, blog will become a photoblog of the events! They'll be here Sunday late or possibly Monday morning. I can hardly wait!

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23 July 2007

Look what I got in Arizona!

It has been hot, hot, hot! here. Over the weekend we had a meeting to attend in Arizona. We were looking forward to going because we knew that it would be cooler once we got to Snowflake. And it was. When we were leaving I spotted some of these and captured them through the roof. It seems that they liked the photo op and followed me home. It's raining in California this morning! Yay! It does exist! I really thought that rain no longer existed. Really.

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19 July 2007


Tuning up for another round of let's get to know the chronicler a bit more. I am not sure you really want or need more but Lisa is making me do this.

So here we go!

My roommate and I once: Had a crush on the same guy - Brian Beres. I still think of how cute he was and wonder where he ended up. The roommate? Not a clue where she is today, I don't infact even remember her name. oops!

Never in my life have I: Been on skis. Water or snow.

High school was: The best! I loved my high school; Go Pirates!. And the friends I had begun to make. Then halfway through my sophomore year my parents decided to move to another city and I had to start all over again. Ugh. Never was the same again.

When I’m nervous: I turn into a complete boob. I talk too much, I chew on my fingers, and I don't concentrate well.

My hair: Rocks.

When I was 5: I was already too old. I had assumed the role of mom and it was downhill from there.

When I turn my head left: I see the gigantic homage to the media that we have on the wall.

I should be
: 28 still. It is how I feel most of the time. It is so random, but I loved my 20s.

By this time next year: We will hopefully be completing our home in Arizona. Then we will invite you all over for a big big party!

My favorite aunt is
: I don't have an aunt so I can't have favorite. No uncles either. Well, I should say that I know of, my real dad stepped away from the picture when I was four and a half (other than for tormentor purposes). I am not sure if he had any siblings. I do remember a great aunt Vera once came to visit my grandmother while I was staying at her home for summer vacation. Great Aunt Vera said she was tired and needed to lie down. She went to take a nap on my grandma's bed and never woke up. They didn't go to all the drama stuff though. My grandpa sent us with grandma (brother and I) to get something from the store. When we got back Great Aunt Vera had gone. It wasn't until later that summer that I found out she died by eavesdropping on a conversation.

I have a hard time understanding: How people can walk away from their kids. I understand walking away from a spouse, believe me on that one, but kids?

You know I like you if: I joke with you. I have a really weird sense of humor so it may not seem like humor at the time, but if I clue you in on the joke, we're friends.

My ideal breakfast is: In winter - hot chocolate and a croissant. Summer - fruit and eggs, scrambled with strawberry puree is a fave.

If you visit my home town
: Tell me what it's like. I was born there and we moved three months later. Haven't been there since. But if I got to pick my home town it would be Austin Texas. The first time I landed there it was like I was home for the first time. I even comment on random strangers' blogs when I know there in Austin. It must kind of freak them out a bit. But I just love the place.

If you spend the night at my house: Please make yourself at home. What ever you want here, is yours. Good food usually, always chocolate and comfy places to snuggle. Plenty of books, conversation and not a clock in the place other than the stove so who cares what time it is?

My favorite blond is: Bri

My favorite brunette is
: It's a tie! 1st daughter and the youngest one.

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: Whales, well, you know if you're going to do something, do it big!

I shouldn't have been
: made to move 16 times in 11 years. It stunts a person socially to have to do that! I still have problems in small groups.

Last night I: Spent more time with Jack Bauer. Oh no!

A better name for me would be
: Excuse me can you tell me where I can find... It's weird, no matter where I go, people think I work there. Just call me familiar girl!

I've been told I look like: Lisa's step mom. Interesting.

If I could have any car, it would be: I already have it!
My Bluebonnet!

But I did see a car that I just have to drive just once! A McLaren 722 Mercedes, and if someone gave it to me, I'd keep it.
McLaren 722

Now, if you have read this far... (and I have a blog counter, and know how long you have been here...)


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Hi there all you crafty people!

I still need one more participant in my Pay It Forward the crafty way exchange. If you want me to send you something cool that I have made and picked out especially for you, then come on sign up! I need one more person and then they'll send something cool to three people that sign up on their site. Say join me in Paying It Forward! You never know, you might just get a gorgeous necklace made from one of these!

Glass cabs

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17 July 2007

Costa Rica, 1960

Oh where, oh where have I been? With the dental problems I have been having lately, it has put crafting low on the priority pole. Not as low as the food gig, but low. But...

I have been doing one fun thing. Last month I ran into an old guy who had a bunch of old slides. You know those things people in the fifties and sixties used for photo storage and showing. Which one of you did not sit through an evening of slides with Uncle Bert and Aunt Dottie? It was usually accompanied with a fine treat and lots of conversation about far away places.

Well, I got to thinking about it. What do you do with all those old slides? All kinds of fun things. For instance with the old photos from Costa Rica Like this one:


I can envision taking some of these and printing them on parchment paper. then using like this for a party. You could use different scenes to give a retro look for a themed party. Or you could print them and use them for candle covers like these. The sky's the limit here girls. I am loving these old photos more and more everyday!

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11 July 2007

These are for you Lady Bird

Thank you for beautifying our world with flowers! May you rest in peace.

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This is my kind of fun!

Kent Couch decided to spend a bit of time in his lawn chair Sunday. Click the link to read the whole story. He's from Bend Oregon and had read about the lawn chair guy (Larry Walters) in Los Angeles all those many years ago. Bend, Oregon. What a beautiful place to float away from.

Now if I had an extra $5000 for helium, I just might try this myself. The closest I've come to something like this was last year on our helicopter trip over the grand canyon. What a blast. I recommend it to everyone. Well, except kids under the age of 5 or 6. The grandeur is wasted on that age. It was exhilerating, yet surreal. You're floating above the canyon yet feel completely safe and awed.

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10 July 2007

Pay it Forward! The Crafty Way

Kirsty has a post today inviting us all to participate in a new crafting exchange! I signed up at her friend Nicole's and now you can sign up here, or follow the crafty trail if I've already got three.

I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don't know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week... LOL... but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

What you do: Leave a comment here. The first three to say they are participating in paying it forward I'll send a gift to. Then they go to their blog and have three friends sign up to participate. Everyone ends up with three cool gifts in exchange for their three they send out!

Fun ensues for all! Come on you know you want to!

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05 July 2007

Six Random Facts and one lie!

S'mee has given me the task of telling you a few random facts about me. Hmmmm. I am a mostly random person so this should be easy.

1. When I turned 7, Mr. Peachy our neighbor, gave me 700 pennies for my birthday. I had spent the summer in his yard learning about sweet peas and fig eaters. I'm sure I was a pest at times, but probably a bit of decent company too.

2. I won the Bank of America award for Foreign Language when I graduated high school. The only other person I know in my family to win a B of A award is my darling niece. Her award was accompanied by dollars, unlike mine which just happened to be a nice plaque.

3. My favorite old movie is "State of the Union" with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. I love black and white films from the forties and fifties.

4. My mother tells us that as each sibling joined the family she would present them to the next youngest child and put them in charge of the new sibling. I do not remember being given charge of my younger sister. I have two younger sisters. I don't remember either of them joining the family. But then again chaos in any amount only leads to more chaos. Does anyone ever really take roll?

5. I talked to Rod Stewart on the phone once while setting up a meeting between him and my next youngest sister. She was writing his biography and I put her in touch with him. She, unfortunately, did not take me to the meeting.

6. When I was 12 a dentist told me I would be the youngest person he ever knew with false teeth. It scared me to death. It did not however change any behavior. I was already brushing twice a day. I still have most of my own teeth. They may be crowned, but they're still mine!

7. When I was 47 I took my first helicopter pilot lesson. I still haven't completed the course, but I want to finish someday.

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04 July 2007

While in Pismo

mermaid in pismo, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

I posed for a statue. Well, not actually but I thought this was such a nice statue/fountain. Unfortunately, it was quite hidden from view. I found it by going down an alleyway behind a building in a small garden. Too bad not more people get to see her.

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01 July 2007

Angel's Baseball

One of the perks my husband gets through work is tickets to an occasional sporting event. Social Work doesn't provide a lot of perks but this is one we enjoy. I say we, but I really mean me. I love sports. I am a huge hockey fan, and will attend a game of any kind if the tickets are gratis. Well, recently we had the opportunity to attend an Angel game. A elder service company sent 4 tickets over to the husband and he brought them home thinking we'd give them to friends. Instead, I invited s'mee and thor to attend with us. We all had a great time. The best part of the tickets is that they are always great seats. I appreciate the freebies immensely!

I told the big guy we had to at least stay through the seventh inning stretch. It's my favorite part of a ball game. At the end of the seventh inning, everyone stands to stretch their legs and sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". I sing loud and proud. S'mee and I stood there like a couple of goofs singing our hearts out while the guys looked on in amazement.

At the end of the game the Angels had routed the Orioles and it was evident the ninth would end half way through. The bug guy and Thor got up at the end of the 8th and said they were taking a bathroom break. I told s'mee, "you know they aren't coming back". Huh? Nope they'd be waiting for us up above, at the top of the stairs. She laughed and we waited until the last pitch was thrown. Thor mentioned to the big guy that he was surprised at s'mee's behavior. She was whooping it up and cheering and having a great time. His lament was "she won't even watch sports on tv". heh.

I am glad they went. Here are a couple of the pics I took at the event:

angel's baseball

Baseball game

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