28 August 2007

Who Am I? What do I do?

I was reading Maggie Mason's blog Mighty Girl just today. I came across a quote that she has been mulling over since she heard it.

"Also, Andrew Hinton from Vanguard said something that I’ve been mulling over lately, “An individual is not defined by any one practice, but we do typically want to identify with one.” In other words, “What do you do?” can be a tough question for some of us" (maggie didn't have a period at the end so I won't add one)

Now that I've read it, I'm mulling it over. What do you do is a hard question for me to answer. I usually feel like a schizophrenic when answering. People always seem (or at least that is how I view their view of me) to think that I am scattered. Or a jack of all trades... Or that I am just a real goof. That is not the case at all.

I just enjoy learning and doing. I am not afraid of hard work, and I need to be constantly stimulated. I could never do a job where you do the same thing day in and day out. It would make me crazy. I respect people that can do those jobs. I find great character in them. Just not in me doing a job like that. I would become a rabble rouser in short order and find myself out of work.

So what's the matter with doing a lot of things? I think probably nothing, but in some it stirs ire or resentment or possibly jealousy. Therefore those of us who can't light on one thing feel outside the norm and just plain weird.

A sampling of the things I do.

Quilt:Wall Hanging

Cook: Pumkin Pie

Decorate cakes:Inchin along



Fuse Glass:Aqua

And I love photography:daffodil

I also am hopelessly devoted to the food industry and blog about that too.

Those are some of who I am. I am also a mom, a grandmother, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a wife, the love of someone's life, a daughter, a woman, and a survivor.

Aren't we all?

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27 August 2007

The Italian Job Charity Run - Venice Canal

Venice Canal Photo op, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Well, we had a great day! There were over thirty MINIs! One original and the rest 2nd generation. We got our playbook and started in Venice. What a blast!

Venice Canals

Everywhere we went we got smiles and waves. Who doesn't smile when they see a row of minis traveling together? We headed up Mulholland and wound around through Griffith Park and down Cahuenga to Steve's house. We all parked there to wait for the next leg of the run, when a guy came out and explained to us that this was where the movie had been filmed. He didn't get that all of us had planned to be there and that we knew this was the place the movie was filmed.

Unfortunately the next leg got us in a bit of a bind. You see, we found ourselves downtown in the middle of a political rally. We moved all of a half a block in forty five minutes. ugh. We were given instructions to skip a leg if we got behind so it was 2 p.m. and hadn't had lunch so we skipped a couple of legs and went to the farmer's market and had lunch. just one pic of lunch:

Muffelata Sandwich

Yes, that is. A Muffelata sandwich. It's cajun and has the best olive relish on it it makes me drool looking at the photo. Mmmmm. Finished lunch and then back to the race.

No matter where we were, there were helicopters overhead. It fit in well with the theme of the movie! In the end, we gathered together to hand out some prizes and get a gold brick. It was a good day!

Steve was Everywhere!

Getting the Gold

Play book

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24 August 2007

Today is definitely work day.

Not crafting day. I got up and went straight out to the garage and driveway. My car has already been washed and clay barred. Not I have to wait for her (Justa) dry and then I'll give her a good couple of coats of wax.

This is a pic of her when she was brand new:

My Bluebonnet aka Justa (cooper)

She still pretty much looks the same. No door dings at all. I park usually in the south forty when going anywhere because there are so many inconsiderate people out there who just say oops! when they hit another person's door. Yikes! I hate that. So I park far away. Everyone who knows me knows I am obsessive about this car. It is the first car I ever bought all on my own. So it is pretty cool. I guess I can't say all on my own because for about a year now, the husband's been making the payments. Got to start making my own money again. I am glad this slump is about over and I am back doing stuff again.

So why the need to get up early and get this car waxed? hee hee hee!

Tomorrow the car club I belong to is doing a charity run. I belong to C3. It's called C3 because it stands for Cooper Club for Charity. When we do a run it is a charity event and we raise money for different organizations. Tomorrow is The Italian Job run! We are retracing the drive through the movie! It is a trivia and driving contest. The winner gets to pick the charity we will make our donation to. I can hardly wait. I was hoping we'd get to do the LA river part, but it is too costly. Maybe next year, we'll invite a few other clubs to join us and up the entrance fee and be able to do the river. We'll answer trivia questions along the way and possibly find a gold brick or two! It will be good to see all the C3rs tomorrow!

Well, she's prbably ready for was! Gotta go!

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21 August 2007

Perpetual Calendars

Last year I made the girls each a calendar to keep tracks of all the important dates like birthdays, anniversaries etc. I blogged about it here. I've been wanting to create something new and I think I've come up with and idea for everyone!

I've also created an new Etsy shop. I am going to put some of these in the etsy shop, but most will be at 3 hip sisters. As I think about getting things ready for Christmas and upcoming birthdays etc, I think this calendar will be an attractive addition to both shops. Here are some additional pictures:

Each calendar comes with 36 personal note cards. It measures 6x6x1, I call it "The Cutest Personal Date Reminder Ever"!

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20 August 2007


Progress, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

So I have made a bit pf progress in the crafting department. I was trying to use up some stash fabric for another project and stumbled upon this partially finished quilt top.

The quilt was supposed to for a daughter almost ten years ago. I got frustrated with sewing the strips together way back then. You see, there are repeats that don't belong. I don't like the same style fabric triangle touching another of the same fabric. I didn't want to tear the whole thing apart years ago, so it went into the UFO drawer. Saturday I pulled it out, lined it up and sewed it together. So what if a couple of triangles (of which you can see at least two in this photo, are touching! I'd rather it be done and make room for a few more quilts!

I love to piece quilts. I learned to piece over 25 years ago and still it is my favorite way to quilt. The guild once asked me to piece blocks for their annual fundraising quilt. I was quite honored to do so. My friend Kirsty can applique like none other. If you haven't been to her site, you mustgo for a visit, she is amazing! It is a talent that my patience level won't allow. Funny though, my oldest and thought to be the least of my daughters to be a quilter, picked up applique like she was born doing it. She wanted to make a quilt for a friend, I showed her my stash and let her have at it. The quilt turned out lovely and I had to bow in her presence too! ;-) I will have to be satisfied being one of those who cuts up fabric and sews it all back together again.

I am working on a new project that is just thrilling me to no end. Before the end of the day today, there will be pics, and a link. Yay!

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12 August 2007

The crafting summer that wasn't

I had big plans. I was going to craft my little heart out! I was going to prep for my fall shows and not, like usual, wait until the last minute. This was going to be the summer that made history in my craft room. HAH!

Instead, I chose to spend my time with family. We went here there and everywhere. I guess it could be like the old newsman's salute: From the desert to the sea to all points in between, good evening!

I have had a child's summer. No responsibility, not deadlines, no must dos. I have enjoyed it immensely. I have spent time with my kids, my hubby, and my sis. This summer will go down in history. I am not sure there will be another like it in a while. You see I must get to work!

While I organize, please take a look at some of the things I've seen since May.

Summer 2007

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09 August 2007

The Gleaner

The Gleaner, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Each Thursday morning an older woman peruses our street. Most morning walkers are not so determined in their quest. I've noticed her before, and thought "what an interesting thing to do".

When I was a young girl I was told the story of the gleaners. Women who entered a field, at the end of the days harvest, and gleaned the leftover crops left behind by the harvest team. Every time I watch a field being reaped I think of the gleaners. There is always something left behind by mechanized harvest equipment. There have been times, I just wanted to pull over and step into the newly turned earth and find the treasures of the field. A potato, a melon deemed too small, a few over ripe tomatoes, just about anything could be found I presume.

daily walk

So back to the woman on my street every Thursday morning. She's a gleaner. We pride ourselves, we Americans. We have excess, we waste a lot. This woman has chosen to glean from our excess. She has checked her pride, left it home, grabbed a good bag or two and fishes for treasures from our trash cans. Interestingly, I find that I respect her ability to charge forth without concern for her surroundings or situation.

checking for treasure

What can you leave for the gleaner? What do you glean?

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07 August 2007

It all started as a dream...

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when it's fast asleep.

Little miss has been a princess lover from the get go. She doesn't watch a lot of tv, but her Disney princess videos are just about worn out. So for her third birthday, her parents decided Disney;and would be the perfect setting. Well, I say third birthday, but I actually mean 2 years and a few days shy of that third birthday. She got in free because the birthday was at the opposite end of the week from the day we chose to go, so that saved us all a bit of money! Yay.


We started the day with a stop for breakfast. Little miss just wanted a taco.

It was a gorgeous day. The sun was bright, a small breeze wafted through the air and we had finally arrived at our destination.

Entering D Land

The magical place of princesses and pirates! Keep your eyes peeled! You never know what you'll see!

Horse drawn car



Typical sights as you enter the park. Horses, popcorn vendors and good old Walt himself. The day was packed with sightings. Goofy, Ariel, Minnie and Mickey, and Pooh. Not a princess in sight! We had a good day, very few lines were longer than 30 minutes and the heat was not stifling. It was warm, but the occasional shade tree helped quite a bit.

More pics soon!

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06 August 2007

It's all over except the shouting!

Crying is a better descriptive. The kids have all gone home. One set back to Utah and another back to Virginia. Both grandchildren in tow and lots to miss. Chubby little cheeks, cooing and bouncing and giggles better than any other human sound. I will miss them all so much. However, it is that feeling that makes it all the better when they return. Some at Christmas, others not 'til summer possibly. Ah, I love my daughters, and their husbands, and now the grandchildren. The only down spot in the entire week was the absence of the youngest and her husband. We spoke of them often and knew they were thinking of us and wishing the same. Soon.

It makes me think about the importance of family. Not just the regular "neat, we have little humans that look like us" feelings though. Before everyone arrived two Fridays ago, my husband came in from work. He had seen a man who had fallen ill. Very ill. He had no one to be with him. He was completely alone. It got me thinking. Here is a man, in his fifties, who has no one to comfort him. To laugh with him. To hug. Just how long can a human go without the touch of another human? What effect does the lack of touch have on a person? Can you live your entire adult life knowing that there is not another soul on the planet that cares enough to just squeeze your hand in the quiet moments of despair or joy? I am depressing the heck out of myself just thinking about it.

I think we are born into families for those kinds of reasons. We need other humans to make our lives rich and to add a bit of contentment. You know, the knowing glance that says yeah, I agree. Or the quick nod of understanding. Connecting in ways that only a loved one can connect. I just cannot imagine being without anyone.

Not that most people don't drive me crazy most of the time though.

I'll add a few photos from the weeks of play. We spent one day at Disneyland and I can report it was exquisite! Everyone was friendly and polite. I mean everyone, not a bad spot in the day.

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