06 August 2007

It's all over except the shouting!

Crying is a better descriptive. The kids have all gone home. One set back to Utah and another back to Virginia. Both grandchildren in tow and lots to miss. Chubby little cheeks, cooing and bouncing and giggles better than any other human sound. I will miss them all so much. However, it is that feeling that makes it all the better when they return. Some at Christmas, others not 'til summer possibly. Ah, I love my daughters, and their husbands, and now the grandchildren. The only down spot in the entire week was the absence of the youngest and her husband. We spoke of them often and knew they were thinking of us and wishing the same. Soon.

It makes me think about the importance of family. Not just the regular "neat, we have little humans that look like us" feelings though. Before everyone arrived two Fridays ago, my husband came in from work. He had seen a man who had fallen ill. Very ill. He had no one to be with him. He was completely alone. It got me thinking. Here is a man, in his fifties, who has no one to comfort him. To laugh with him. To hug. Just how long can a human go without the touch of another human? What effect does the lack of touch have on a person? Can you live your entire adult life knowing that there is not another soul on the planet that cares enough to just squeeze your hand in the quiet moments of despair or joy? I am depressing the heck out of myself just thinking about it.

I think we are born into families for those kinds of reasons. We need other humans to make our lives rich and to add a bit of contentment. You know, the knowing glance that says yeah, I agree. Or the quick nod of understanding. Connecting in ways that only a loved one can connect. I just cannot imagine being without anyone.

Not that most people don't drive me crazy most of the time though.

I'll add a few photos from the weeks of play. We spent one day at Disneyland and I can report it was exquisite! Everyone was friendly and polite. I mean everyone, not a bad spot in the day.