12 August 2007

The crafting summer that wasn't

I had big plans. I was going to craft my little heart out! I was going to prep for my fall shows and not, like usual, wait until the last minute. This was going to be the summer that made history in my craft room. HAH!

Instead, I chose to spend my time with family. We went here there and everywhere. I guess it could be like the old newsman's salute: From the desert to the sea to all points in between, good evening!

I have had a child's summer. No responsibility, not deadlines, no must dos. I have enjoyed it immensely. I have spent time with my kids, my hubby, and my sis. This summer will go down in history. I am not sure there will be another like it in a while. You see I must get to work!

While I organize, please take a look at some of the things I've seen since May.

Summer 2007