24 August 2007

Today is definitely work day.

Not crafting day. I got up and went straight out to the garage and driveway. My car has already been washed and clay barred. Not I have to wait for her (Justa) dry and then I'll give her a good couple of coats of wax.

This is a pic of her when she was brand new:

My Bluebonnet aka Justa (cooper)

She still pretty much looks the same. No door dings at all. I park usually in the south forty when going anywhere because there are so many inconsiderate people out there who just say oops! when they hit another person's door. Yikes! I hate that. So I park far away. Everyone who knows me knows I am obsessive about this car. It is the first car I ever bought all on my own. So it is pretty cool. I guess I can't say all on my own because for about a year now, the husband's been making the payments. Got to start making my own money again. I am glad this slump is about over and I am back doing stuff again.

So why the need to get up early and get this car waxed? hee hee hee!

Tomorrow the car club I belong to is doing a charity run. I belong to C3. It's called C3 because it stands for Cooper Club for Charity. When we do a run it is a charity event and we raise money for different organizations. Tomorrow is The Italian Job run! We are retracing the drive through the movie! It is a trivia and driving contest. The winner gets to pick the charity we will make our donation to. I can hardly wait. I was hoping we'd get to do the LA river part, but it is too costly. Maybe next year, we'll invite a few other clubs to join us and up the entrance fee and be able to do the river. We'll answer trivia questions along the way and possibly find a gold brick or two! It will be good to see all the C3rs tomorrow!

Well, she's prbably ready for was! Gotta go!