28 June 2008

Button , button who's got the button?

buttons, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

When I cleaned out the garage, I came across a bag. It had been tied closed and was a keepsake in a box. Much to my surprise, the bag was filled with these! I told Kirsty that I'd take a photo and show them off. The sparkly one, clear with gold sparkles, was on a coat my grandmother wore when I was about 10. There are other memories in there too!



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27 June 2008

Yes, I am still trying to get the garage organized.

In the meantime, I've also been workin gon some simple vinyl stickers. I'm putting them up at The Tag Sale but I thought I'd show them to you here also!

I made some of these as a giveaway for a blogger snacker I went to a few months ago. Not everyone said they'd put them on their cars, but everyone thought they were neat. They'd look great on a laptop, a wall near where you blog or just about anywhere else you can think to stick them.

They're cheap as they are just promo items. Each measures about 4x6 inches or slightly larger, depending on your state. Basically they are $2.00 each and you send me a self addressed stamped envelope along with the dollar and you get one. I have all of the states and could even do a country if you wanted to request one. Email me at foodchronicles at yahoo dot com for an address! Or, if you want to trade something let me know!

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25 June 2008

Long ago friends

Long ago friends, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

One of the benefits of doing a big organization job is to see what really is in all those boxes! Well, a couple of them stashed way up high brought these guys out.

They are long ago friends, loved and played with over the years. The three girls were stuffed animal hounds. Each birthday or holiday new stuffies came out and joined the group. They were pretty well taken car of, and all they needed coming out of the boxes was a good trip through the washer.

So who is here? Care Bear Cousins, Fozzy Bear, Snuggle the Bear, a few random stuffies and over to the right? Alf, good old Alf. His voice box is in another box. I'll have to pull that out too!

Stuffed Animals
And then a melee of Barbies. Yes, we were friends of Barbie's. We had all the trimming and about a gazillion dolls. Looking close at the picture you'll see a couple had their hair customized! We lived in the desert. It was hot. Even for Barbie!
A melee of barbies

Some of these will be sold. Others will be kept for the little ones. I have started a new blog, it's not quite up and running yet, to sell random stuff we no longer use around here. Reduce, reuse or recycle! The blog is called The Tag Sale. I decided to use it to sell stuff as I have tried using Amazon to sell a few things and their commissions are outrageous. I don't like Ebay, so why would I try there? We'll see how it goes.

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23 June 2008


Grandpa, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

This is my grandpa. He was born in Gloucester, England in 1888. He emigrated to this country in 1911. Prior to his coming to America, he apprenticed with a Wood Pattern Maker until he became a journeyman. What is a wood pattern maker? Well, he is someone who when building items, would first make a pattern out of wood to be sure it was exactly what was wanted or needed. Then it would be used as a pattern for metal or different woods for finished projects. Kind of like a old time CAD designer. In order to be able to work steady , he came to America. He eventually made his way to Michigan and worked at the Armory in Flint, MI for many years.

His trade, wood pattern making, was his life's work. He showed us pictures of the tanks he helped design and build along with various other important items for the US government.

As a child I didn't get to spend as much time with him as I would have liked. My mother divorced our father when I was four. My grandpa chose to spend time with my brother, as he needed a good male role model. He assumed we girls would learn what we needed from our grandmother.

My grandpa retired sometime in the 1950s and moved to California. He got bored very quickly and looked for somewhere to do woodworking. He found a good place at the Boys Club in Oceanside. Back in the 60s the Boys Club was just the Boys Club. It has evolved, like all things, to include girls. I am glad it wasn't while grandpa was alive as he would have argued to the death in allowing girls to be part of that organization. Not that there is anything wrong with girls; no not at all, however he believed that there is good reason to be separate in some places and that girls needed to be girls and likewise for boys. He helped them set up a good wood working shop and spent many, many days volunteering and teaching young boys how to work with wood.

He would bring home toys he had made for us along with the amazing inlaid wood work he was known for. My sister has a few items he made, the one I am most jealous of is the tray he made with grandpa and grandma's picture in it. It is beautiful and a gorgeous representation of his work. I cannot spend too much time being jealous though, I have plenty of items I cherish that he made also. A couple of great inlaid wood bracelets, and I have the best remembrance of all.

His tools: A few years after he and my grandmother passed away I was visiting my mom. She was clearing out a lot of "junk" she had around the house, as she put it. I asked her what was in the old suitcase. She said she thought it was her dad's tools and did I want them. I jumped at the chance and squirrled it away.

Wood Pattern Maker's case
This picture was taken last week as I cleaned and rearranged things in my own garage. I took the opportunity to open the case and take a look inside.

As you can see, it did not weather well. However, I do believe this was a custom made case for his tools. He may have made it himself, or had someone make it for him, I do not know for sure.
Wood tools

Inside are layers of shelf boxes. In each layer are different tools.
Trays of tools
The larger box at the bottom has some if his planes that he used along with various other items.
Bottom of case

In each drawer are simple tools and templates. One a few hex pieces for I don't know what.
Just a bit of granpa

Another has his calipers. The large silver ones have his name engraved on it. This must have been used quite a bit at the armory. It would be the only place I know where he would have to have his name on his tools.

All in all a great set of tools. After careful review there are those that need to be taken out and given some TLC. They need to be sanded and oiled to prevent the rust build up starting.

I'll Keep the tools for a long time. Until such a time that I have a member of the family cherish, and possibly use, the tools that mean so much to the family. I could never give them to a random stranger. I am glad to know our family is growing. We may have a good third generation of wood worker out there yet!

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22 June 2008

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

When I turned seven we went on a great birthday trip. We were living on Meyers street in Oceanside. In a little duplex apartment. We had wonderful neighbors that I got to know well. I always gravitated toward older people. Mr. Peachy lived a couple of houses down the street and he grew the most wonderful sweet peas.

On my birthday Mr. Peachy gave me 700 pennies! I was in heaven. I couldn't believe someone would give me such an extravagant gift. The next Saturday, my mom took us to the San Diego Zoo. We got all dressed up and made the long drive to the Zoo. It was our first time being there. The day was magic. The purse on my arm was purchased with a portion of my 700 pennies. It had a San Diego Zoo logo on it and was made of 100% fine grade plastic. It was the perfect representation of the day. I bought everyone a treat also, as shown in the picture. This picture was taken at the base of the moving ramps leading up to the gigantic birdhouse aviary. I don't think it is there any longer, but maybe it is.

My brother on my right arm as always. He was my hero. This trip to the zoo began a journey we would take for a long time. The San Diego Zoo, in those days, was free to anyone under the age of 16. It was a paradise for us. My mom could drop us off for the day and we would spend it wandering and learning. I don't think any of us regret a moment spent there. Eventually in our travels, we lived within a mile of the zoo and the summer between my third and forth grades we spent every day there. My brother and I and sometimes my sisters.

Today is my brothers' birthday. I wish he was here to celebrate the day. He will be in a lot of peoples thought today. I am glad I have such great memories to draw from and make days like this better. I'd love to have one more day to go to the zoo with him. The day he died, he was on his way to share the wonder that is Balboa park with his oldest son. He would take him to the aerospace museum, one of the places we spent so many hours. It was a beginning that never began.

Happy Birthday bro, we remember, and always will.

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20 June 2008

Pictures at an Exhibition

Pictures at an Exhibition
Yes, one of my favorite albums, but this isn't about it. It's a new meme. I'm not sure what it is called, but that's what I decided to name it. Rules:

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

The Questions:
What is your first name? ~ Sweetheart
What is your favorite food? ~ roast turkey
What high school did you go to? ~ Oceanside (and another, but I get to pick. That's the reward for going to 16 schools before you are 15, no BFFs but a good pick.)
What is your favorite color? ~ Blue
Who is your celebrity crush? ~ Mark Wahlberg
Favorite drink? ~ hot chocolate
Dream vacation? ~ Australia via Ireland
Favorite dessert? ~ cookies
What you want to be when you grow up? ~ a lavender farmer
What do you love most in life? ~ My family
One Word to describe you ~ Loved
Your flickr name ~ foodchronicles

I'd love to see yours!

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19 June 2008

Valuable Information, Just for you!

What is the best time to go to the emergency room? before 4 a.m. Just how do I know? Let me tell ya. In my best rendition of "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake" an homage to Laura Numeroff.

When you get up in the middle of the night because the cat won't quit meowing, turn on a light!

Because if you don't you might be off a few steps in your brain memory of the layout of your usual choice of seating.

And when your brain memory is off just a bit, you might step on something you don't expect to be there, because you thought you had put your tools in their proper place.

And then if you do step on those tools, you might nearly sever your pinky toe on your right foot. And bleed a lot.

And then you have to go wake up your wife, who is nearly deaf, by shaking her and asking "will you please help me? (as if she could hear you struggling all along)".

And then she'll get up, completely unaware she's going to find blood, from your foot, everywhere! And look at your toe, see that it is going to almost fall off, and insist you go to the emergency room. (keep in mind it was 3 a.m. and she was souuuund asleep)

And you insist it will be okay. Then she'll rinse the wound in peroxide, and then put triple antibiotic gel on it and still insist you go to the ER.

And you'll call the 24 hour duty nurse for your health plan and ask if your wife knows what she is talking about. And she'll say "yes."

And then you'll get in the car, drive to the ER. They'll look at your wound and give you a lecture about putting your tools up, or at least turning on a light. (and possibly putting that cat to sleep) And then you'll get stitches and a shot. All while your wife is getting the insurance details to the proper people up front.

Then she'll be allowed to go see you. And check on your progress. And find out that if you go before 4 a.m. that they'll be done with you, and ready to send you home.

So if the cat wakes you up in the middle of the night because he is lonely, please turn on a light. Or find out if your ER is as efficient as the one we went to this morning. (it wasn't in our town.)

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13 June 2008

50 things. Yes, 50 things, I like about myself.

I have been inspired. Inspired by whom you ask? Well, I stumbled upon the Debra Roby's blog A Stitch In Time, yesterday while looking for info on BlogHer. Who would have known I'd discover this wonderful woman? But then again, my neighborhood just got bigger! Debra has recently penned a post of 50 things she likes about herself. It has taken off like gangbusters! I thought I'd join the crowd, well because, y'all know I'm a joiner. Maybe not a goer, but definitely a joiner!

I give you 50 things I like about myself...

1. I love my feet.
2. I love that my signature piece of clothing is a cardigan.
3. I love my unruly hair.
4. I love my dimples; Especially in my grandchildren's faces.
5. I love my hands; I see the hard work of women in them.
6. I enjoy being different, from most women my age, I know.
7. I can be alone and enjoy every minute of it.
8. I love organizing things.
9. I like that I am willing to try most anything without fear of failure.
10. I fail all the time, get up and start over.
11. I am conservative.
12. I love butter.
13. I love simple food.
14. I can cook.
15. I can speak to a crowd without fear.
16. I can go fast in my car without fear.
17. I archive memories. In boxes. Everywhere.
18. I love deeply.
19. I enjoy reading.
20. I love the beach.
21. I burn, don't tan, and still love the sun.
22. My eyes are the best shade of green.
23. Hard work is enjoyable.
24. I believe in God.
25. Creativity comes to me in the shower.
26. I can laugh anywhere.
27. I am a good friend.
28. I'm a good mom.
29. I'm a good mother in law.
30. I can take pretty good pictures. Especially of food. ;-D
31. I'll teach you anything you want to know, if I know how.
32. Languages come easy for me.
33. I enjoy your successes.
34. When I'm thin, I have a great butt. A cable guy yelled that once out of his van in a parking lot. That's how I know.
35. I have great fingernails.
36. Singing to the radio is a fun thing for me. (no comments from the peanut gallery!)
37. I argue well.
38. I can see your point of view, may not agree, but am happy you have convictions.
39. Chocolate and me are bffs.
40. I am pretty tech saavy.
41. I once changed the water pump on a Volvo 240 successfully.
42. On that same Volvo, I changed the master brake cylinder successfully.
43. I continue to love that car. Even though I sold it and regret it now.
44. I love cats. Many think they are in heaven at my house.
45. I love your dogs. Emphasis on your.
46. I can sit for hours in public and watch other people.
47. I can sew.
48. I love glass; I can turn it into a liquid and manipulate it into really neat things.
49. I could live at the ocean in a shack if you gave me one.
50. I love my nieces and nephews almost as much as I love my own kids.

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12 June 2008

Spring cleaning. What this is June!

I have been spending time in my garage. Oh I'd love to call it the studio but it really is a garage. I park my car in it every night! I can't imagine going back to the days I parked my car out on the street or in a parking stall sort of like this:
One cold MINI

That is truly cringe worthy for me! We have worked very hard to have a house with an attached garage and I'm going to use it for its designed purpose! Well, that said it is also my studio. Recently I have been having to move this, straddle that, and had become very frustrated with the layout. Yesterday morning I marched (well, more like begrudgingly meandered) out there to make some changes!

You know how in order to make things more organized, you first have to blow it up? Yeah that's the state of the garage right now. I still got my car in last night, but I have at least two more days before I can reveal the new and improved garage/studio. And yes, as you all know, with toes pictures and all, I'll share the finished work with you.

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10 June 2008

Oh fun, can I come too?

Yes, I know you'll all want to beg to go with me today. I have been given the opportunity to spend lots of money this morning. I get to hang around with experts and hear about features and their benefits and all the different products. Then get to choose which I think is best. Oh and did I mention I get to spend a lot of money. Money we don't have, but the husband insists I go do this for myself.

Where am I going? I don't even have to leave town. Yes, my small town has everything I need in this regard. In fact, after visiting with my mother in law and her friend (both in their 80s) the other day, I have chosen the perfect vendor. They highly recommend them. Oh, and the place is filled with men.

Men, experts, lots of money. Who knew tire shopping could be this fun? I told you you'd want to go with me.

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06 June 2008

Everything's coming up roses!

You know that line. We use it when we don't really know how to express feelings that are too close to share. Or when things really are going well. I have been around my little group of blogs recently and I can say things are coming up roses.

Some people blog about their troubles and ask for prayers. Others shoulder their burdens quietly, and then after the storm talk about how it went. I would like to put something out there to everyone.

I believe in the power of prayer. Many of us could use a good word or two in prayer. I suggest we all say a prayer for our fellow bloggers. We are all struggling with private problems that we may or may not want to share. I believe a good word on behalf of another in prayer can work miracles. As an attempt to support those around me, and possibly myself, I ask that we pray for each other. Prayers for healing, prayers for gratitude, prayers for intervention on our behalf, any prayer is a good prayer. So please pray with me.

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03 June 2008

You can't see me!

You can't see me!, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Last night Angus was trying to watch birds through the window. We got this shot of him "hiding". I love the fountain with the birds right outside the window. Angus, not so much. He gets very frustrated by all the birds.

Then an update on the toe. It is getting better. Even at my age I heal pretty quickly.

Healing toe

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02 June 2008

I've rejuvinated the etsy account

My husband has been doing a bit of leather work in his spare time. I told him I'd put them up for sale. He made a journal for me and the boys at Christmas. They are really great. Go take a look, they'd be perfect for Father's Day or graduation. 3 Hip Sisters at Etsy

Heart Journal

Phoenix Journal

Scarab Journal

Lion Journal

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01 June 2008

Pictures from a Sunday Afternoon

Birds, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

I took some pictures outside today. The afternoon was just so beautiful. It was stuffy inside so we went looking for a breeze outside.


teeny tiny flower

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