27 June 2008

Yes, I am still trying to get the garage organized.

In the meantime, I've also been workin gon some simple vinyl stickers. I'm putting them up at The Tag Sale but I thought I'd show them to you here also!

I made some of these as a giveaway for a blogger snacker I went to a few months ago. Not everyone said they'd put them on their cars, but everyone thought they were neat. They'd look great on a laptop, a wall near where you blog or just about anywhere else you can think to stick them.

They're cheap as they are just promo items. Each measures about 4x6 inches or slightly larger, depending on your state. Basically they are $2.00 each and you send me a self addressed stamped envelope along with the dollar and you get one. I have all of the states and could even do a country if you wanted to request one. Email me at foodchronicles at yahoo dot com for an address! Or, if you want to trade something let me know!