13 March 2007

With Mom's permission

Here he is! All pink and cuddly. Many, many, many blessings here.

Update: I forgot the details for you: 9lbs 2 oz, 19 inches long, head circumference 15 1/4 inches. The doctor says he had the cord wrapped around his neck very tight. Doc also said he'd never delivered a baby that had such a big head. But it's proportional to the rest of him.He has a very long torso.

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12 March 2007

LIve blogging the birth

Well, not really but close. We are at the hospital. Nothing happening yet as far as a baby though. They admitted the oldest daughter for high blood pressure this a.m. with the notation, we'll figure out how to get this baby out soon. So not quite sure what that means, but I'll keep you updated.

One thing I know for certain. I'm freezing! It's cold here, 29 degrees on the way to the hospital at 8 a.m. Sunny but coooooooold! I am such a SoCal diva. If it's not at least 72 outside we better just stay indoors!

Okay, I'm back! Looks like this one is going into hyper speed! We have a momma that's entering into 2nd stage toxemia at this point so the decision has been made to do a section. Welcome to the club first one! We should have a baby boy here in about 25 minutes they say!!!! Yay!

One funny note. To pass the time we have been watching the ilusionist on dvd. The lead character is Eisenheim. In walks the anesthesiologist to prep for the surgery and introduces himself as Dr. Eisenberg. Yeah, twilight zone music plays in the background.

Ha! I hear brand new baby crying! Maybe its ours! Another grandchild. Two now. It gets better all the time! Yep. There's the tears.

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09 March 2007

I am here, waiting......

This might give you a clue as to how it's going. Not a pretty sight. We're heading to the doc this afternoon to see if there mught be an inducement in the future. Wish us luck! And for those of you new to the blog. This isn't my foot!

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04 March 2007

St Patrick's Boutonnieres

Years ago Martha Stewart had a "good thing" St Patrick's idea. I filed it away and said someday I'm going to do that. So Thursday I scanned the article, printed out a copy and gave it a go. I decided to use paper rather than cloth because that's what I had close by. It eliminated a couple steps and I got it done quickly.

Step 1. After printing out your example, cut out the template of the clover. Trace it on to the back of the paper you've chosen. I chose three different green papers to make mine.

St Patricks project 1

Step 2. Cut out your clovers, making sure not keep the pencil lines.

St Patricks project 2

Step 3. Fold each clover petal in half from the back side. You want the crease to pull the leaves forward when you're looking at your print.

st patricks project 8

Step 4. Twist your wire. I used a small screwdriver to help twist the wire around. It wasn't difficult to do at all. Leave about a quarter inch at the top in a v shape for gluing it to the paper.

st patricks project 6

st patricks project 7

St. Patricks project 3

Step 5. In order to make sure the wire stayed stuck, I added an element to the paper version. I cut a small dot of paper about 3/8" in diameter for the back. I then added a bit of glue, stuck the wire into the glue and topped it with the small circle.

st patricks project 9

st patricks project 10

Step 6. Arrange your clover leafs together and add a bow. I tied a knot first hold hold it stable; and then did the bow. Voila!

st patricks project 11

Hopefully this will inspire you to make your own. I especially made this one for the big guy. He will be all alone on St Patricks day this year. I will be in Virginia with the new baby. I wanted him to know I was thinking about him still.

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03 March 2007

Welcome to the party pals!

For all of you visiting here for the first time...

I am a mom of three. All grown and the last was married a year and a half ago. Time flies! I have been reading blogs for five years, blogging for a little over two. I think faster than I type so there are always errors in my typing. I love to spell and it bugs the death out of me when I find a typo!

I love to craft. I am currently working on staying at home and making $$ here instead of "working for the man". hehe. I do fused glass primarily. Then a bit of vinyl cutting and a few odds and ends. My sister calls me the shark, if I stop I'll drop, so I never stop. I have two shops on the net. One for my crafty stuff, glass pendants, plates, etc. And, the second is for my invention the Sunspot. Check out my sidebar for live links to each.

We are (we as in me and my husband, the big guy) currently finishing up our plans for a house we are going to build on our land in Arizona. A few years ago we bought some acreage and it is now time to flee the city! We will have a lavender farm and try to live off the grid with a farm. A few chickens, tomatoes, fruit trees and whatever else we'll need. I am hoping to be able to trade for farm grown meat that isn't filled with hormones!

Well, enough about me! I need to visit the party goers and meet some new friends!

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I'm Partying like it was 1964!

You and I have been invited to a blog party! Yes! I love parties and this one is pretty neat! The ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom have invited us all over to check out their diggs and join the party.

I noticed a banner at another blog and followed the link. 5 Minutes for Mom is a blog that networks blogging moms. It looks pretty neat. So come on, grab your hat and bag and let's go to the party! There's going to be prizes! And all kinds of wonderful links! Come on it'll be fun!

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