31 December 2006

They came, we saw, they went home!

It was a flurry of activity at our place for the holidays. Everyone came home. The girls and their husbands we all here to celebrate together. They couldn't stay long as obligations such as rent and jobs take their priority these days. But wow, while they were here it was great. People were every where! Each room was filled with luggage or people or Christmas!

Presents were exchanged and everyone was pleased. The crowning glory of course was little miss and her entourage. Dora the explorer, the pony brigade, and oh what fun the advent calendar was! The Christmas morning surprise of her car was a highlight. I am not sure her father was very pleased as trying to get all the belongings and a car into their car for the trip home was quite a feat!

The best moments were spent talking and remembering and just being together. So many pictures were taken. Little miss waded in the pacific ocean for her first time ever and her beach girl genes were awakened from their sleep. She is a natural born Californian and will enjoy many many trips to the ocean. My ocean as she called it. There were tears as we left the shoreline, but promises to re-visit on warmer days ahead.

Sandy feet

Our quarters were close, but no one seemed to mind. Next year they'll all be at the in-laws and we'll see them in "off days" as their in-laws did this year. It givesus ample time to have the house up and comfortable in two years for them all to come home again for Christmas, in a new home, with personal rooms for all. Plus a huge great room for fun and frolick!

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24 December 2006

Merry Christmas Every One!

This was a Christmas card I sent years ago. It is still one of my favorites. I wish you all that you wish, no matter what it is, have a great time with those you love!

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19 December 2006

Holiday Cheer

retro snowman
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Here are a few of my favorite things!

Red boot

santa claus




More soon!

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14 December 2006

And now for some glorious news!

If you haven't already heard Andrea has had her baby! Go there and see the most beautiful baby I've seen in a while!

Andrea has been my favorite Superhero for years now. She takes such wonderful photographs and writes the most amazing stories of the life around her. I love her and I am so glad this blessing has finally arrived for them. He is welcomed with open arms by many far and wide.

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13 December 2006

Time is short, life is fleeting

Every year for several years I have linked to this Advent Calendar. Leslie Harpold is its creator. It is cool, and "webby" and creative and can always lift your spirits during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It's something Leslie does because she can and she gets nothing but gratitude from all of us who enjoy it free of cost every year. I even go back and look at years past because they are so fun.

This year I began, as many of us did, to enjoy the daily updates. Then something strange happened. Hmmm. Saturday's not updating, neither is Sunday. Hmmmm. I missed Friday, maybe Leslie's having internet problems. Gah.

Well, today I began again in my quest for advent. Still nothing. Then a blurb at Not Martha about Leslie's death. What? I began a google search. How could this be? On the heels of the sad news of James and Kati and now this! There it was, friends, lots of them are offering their remembrances and piecing the story of her death together. She had been ill.

Emily mentions making a donation in Leslie's name at Modest Needs. I concur. Modest Needs is one of my favorite charities especially this time of year. I have been donating to them on and off for a few years and it always helps me remember that we are all in this together. It is the small acts of kindness shown, by people like Leslie, that bring sunshine into the lives of others. If you haven't yet dropped $20 in a donation pail, or even if you already have, do it again today. It'll make you feel better and is a great way to show Leslie that she made a difference. Make the donation in her memory, they'll let you do that.

So remember in a quick moment someone who makes you feel better, or loves you more than you'll ever know, or even an aquaintance over the net can be gone in an instant. Life is fleeting, make it count.

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12 December 2006

Cool stuff to have on hand

I love stuff. Especially useful stuff. I have seen glass cloths everywhere. Microfiber has become the worlds biggest buzzword. They will replace papertowels someday I think, hope. I cannot remember ever voluntarily purchasing paper towels ever. Big waste of dinero for me, we've used them but the guilt factor is high when we do.

Now Method has packaged microfiber towels for sale in differing types for differing reasons. I have a stack of them and so should you!

They also have them available just for wood or everyday uses. They last at least 40 launderings, and can help you mop up even the most difficult of spills. Save a tree, man!

Ah, I love a warm bed. I got spoiled sleeping on a water bed most of my life. There is nothing better than climbing into a nice warm bed after a long day. However, since we bought the best mattress in the world, the only complaint I have is that it doesn't warm itself. I cringe with the thought of climbing into that ice cold bed! Eeeek! And I don't have one of those crazy, but loving, husbands that goes to bed and lays on my side five minutes before I do so it will be warm. No I don't. He does all kinds of other nice things but he has to draw the line somewhere. So what's a girl to do?

Buy one of these:

A heated mattress pad, it's a miracle of miracles. Now I can snuggle into my bed at night and it's warm and wonderful. The best part is that it is dual controlled so the husband, who for some reason, is always warm and toasty and can't stand the extra heat. Go figure?

The best thing is the savings it generates. You save on heating because the house doesn't need to be on high just before bed. If you outfit the whole house full of beds, everyone is toasty and you can leave the heat off at night. Program that thermostat to come on just before it's time to get up and everyone is happy. Not only the heating savings are possible, bu tthe doctor bills will be lower too. Leaving the heat on at night is directly correlated with wintertime colds. The heat is a breeding ground for all those germy germs that like to play in the wintertime.

Tidbits of information. What? I can't buy that. Of course not. But you can read them. One such as this: You know when you go to your favorite neato store? They always ask you if they can have your zip code. Oh very benign. "They're just checking to see where everyone comes from", you say to yourself, "maybe they'll build one in my town." Yes, it used to be that simple. Now, telemarketers are using that info, combined with your sales history to build a profile on you. You will begin to receive spam, mailers and all other kinds of "notices" to assisting in separatin gyou from your money. Think about it next time and decline, unless of course, it is for credit card verification needs.

See now that one didn't cost you anything!

What else? Well how about this:

I really like doll houses. But every one I've ever seen is flimsy or fragile. Well I watched this show on the home and garden network (the craziest show ever IMO) and B. Original made a dollhouse out of a bookcase. One of those small $29.00 bookcases at target or walmart or any other simple home store.

It's cute, simple and sturdy. And think of the hours that small person will spend playing on their own! You'll be able to make some stuff of your own. Or maybe read a blog or two. heh.

My favorite item to have on hand? Carmex! This tiny little bottle can be found everywhere in my life. In my purse, in my little basket by the bathroom sink, in my car, in my husband's car, in my emergency kit. Why???? Well this little bottle,
is a cure all. It is specifically made to keep your lips soft and supple, but it works for all kinds of stuff. It is great if you have new shoes and need just a bit of lubricant on the back of your heal to keep from getting a blister. It also works if you have one of those creepy heel things, where your skin has gotten really dry, almost to the point of cracking. Put a glob on there and some socks overnight and you'll be amazed at how much better it is in the morning. It also has a SPF rating helping keep all that horrible sun damage that can occur when you're outside. Get some soon, you'll understand the addiction.

What stuff do you love?

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10 December 2006

D is for Desmond

Okay this is so totally not in the Christams spirit, but I love it. Edward Gorey is an illustrator and writer who died in 2000. However, the Gashlycrumb Tiny's are still a draw to me. I had to do this test. Maybe you will too. My favoerite name is Desmond. So ecletic yet lasting at the same time. I could know and old man and a small child with the name and find it very fitting for each. So that's why I chose Desmond. What fun!

Which Gashlycrumb Tiny are you?

D is for Desmond thrown out of a sleigh.
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01 December 2006

I needed food, or something warm this morning. So of course, my first choice was Starbucks. A venti hot chocolate is my favorite. A blueberry scone. And all is right with the world. Well, until I realize that is probably is not all that healthy. Sigh.

Scone. Not your Utah variety scone, not evenyour english variety. However, Starbucks, for a run of the mill mass produced scone, does okay. Better than most chain grocery bakers. And no real bakery, I've ever been in, makes them. Except of course, Con Pane in San Diego which I stated my love for in the past. In fact now that I think of it, will it be Con Pane or El Indio for lunch on the 23rd? I think we'll go by COn Pane first and then see what we can pick up at El Indios.heh.

But to my main point of this post. I saw the funniest thing this morning. A woman driving down the block coming toward me. I HAD to notice her. Why because her hair was glowing from inside her car. I was the prettiest shade of red. Not just auburn wow were you born with that hair red. No not all all. It was the Merry Christmas kind of red. You know like this,

or maybe even this,

The kind of red that makes you want to hug her. And, invite her to church. She add so much to the otherwise dull and boring same old calico dress group.

What made it all the more noticable was that she was driving this:

Yep a minivan. Gotta love her.

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