01 December 2006

I needed food, or something warm this morning. So of course, my first choice was Starbucks. A venti hot chocolate is my favorite. A blueberry scone. And all is right with the world. Well, until I realize that is probably is not all that healthy. Sigh.

Scone. Not your Utah variety scone, not evenyour english variety. However, Starbucks, for a run of the mill mass produced scone, does okay. Better than most chain grocery bakers. And no real bakery, I've ever been in, makes them. Except of course, Con Pane in San Diego which I stated my love for in the past. In fact now that I think of it, will it be Con Pane or El Indio for lunch on the 23rd? I think we'll go by COn Pane first and then see what we can pick up at El Indios.heh.

But to my main point of this post. I saw the funniest thing this morning. A woman driving down the block coming toward me. I HAD to notice her. Why because her hair was glowing from inside her car. I was the prettiest shade of red. Not just auburn wow were you born with that hair red. No not all all. It was the Merry Christmas kind of red. You know like this,

or maybe even this,

The kind of red that makes you want to hug her. And, invite her to church. She add so much to the otherwise dull and boring same old calico dress group.

What made it all the more noticable was that she was driving this:

Yep a minivan. Gotta love her.