12 December 2006

Cool stuff to have on hand

I love stuff. Especially useful stuff. I have seen glass cloths everywhere. Microfiber has become the worlds biggest buzzword. They will replace papertowels someday I think, hope. I cannot remember ever voluntarily purchasing paper towels ever. Big waste of dinero for me, we've used them but the guilt factor is high when we do.

Now Method has packaged microfiber towels for sale in differing types for differing reasons. I have a stack of them and so should you!

They also have them available just for wood or everyday uses. They last at least 40 launderings, and can help you mop up even the most difficult of spills. Save a tree, man!

Ah, I love a warm bed. I got spoiled sleeping on a water bed most of my life. There is nothing better than climbing into a nice warm bed after a long day. However, since we bought the best mattress in the world, the only complaint I have is that it doesn't warm itself. I cringe with the thought of climbing into that ice cold bed! Eeeek! And I don't have one of those crazy, but loving, husbands that goes to bed and lays on my side five minutes before I do so it will be warm. No I don't. He does all kinds of other nice things but he has to draw the line somewhere. So what's a girl to do?

Buy one of these:

A heated mattress pad, it's a miracle of miracles. Now I can snuggle into my bed at night and it's warm and wonderful. The best part is that it is dual controlled so the husband, who for some reason, is always warm and toasty and can't stand the extra heat. Go figure?

The best thing is the savings it generates. You save on heating because the house doesn't need to be on high just before bed. If you outfit the whole house full of beds, everyone is toasty and you can leave the heat off at night. Program that thermostat to come on just before it's time to get up and everyone is happy. Not only the heating savings are possible, bu tthe doctor bills will be lower too. Leaving the heat on at night is directly correlated with wintertime colds. The heat is a breeding ground for all those germy germs that like to play in the wintertime.

Tidbits of information. What? I can't buy that. Of course not. But you can read them. One such as this: You know when you go to your favorite neato store? They always ask you if they can have your zip code. Oh very benign. "They're just checking to see where everyone comes from", you say to yourself, "maybe they'll build one in my town." Yes, it used to be that simple. Now, telemarketers are using that info, combined with your sales history to build a profile on you. You will begin to receive spam, mailers and all other kinds of "notices" to assisting in separatin gyou from your money. Think about it next time and decline, unless of course, it is for credit card verification needs.

See now that one didn't cost you anything!

What else? Well how about this:

I really like doll houses. But every one I've ever seen is flimsy or fragile. Well I watched this show on the home and garden network (the craziest show ever IMO) and B. Original made a dollhouse out of a bookcase. One of those small $29.00 bookcases at target or walmart or any other simple home store.

It's cute, simple and sturdy. And think of the hours that small person will spend playing on their own! You'll be able to make some stuff of your own. Or maybe read a blog or two. heh.

My favorite item to have on hand? Carmex! This tiny little bottle can be found everywhere in my life. In my purse, in my little basket by the bathroom sink, in my car, in my husband's car, in my emergency kit. Why???? Well this little bottle,
is a cure all. It is specifically made to keep your lips soft and supple, but it works for all kinds of stuff. It is great if you have new shoes and need just a bit of lubricant on the back of your heal to keep from getting a blister. It also works if you have one of those creepy heel things, where your skin has gotten really dry, almost to the point of cracking. Put a glob on there and some socks overnight and you'll be amazed at how much better it is in the morning. It also has a SPF rating helping keep all that horrible sun damage that can occur when you're outside. Get some soon, you'll understand the addiction.

What stuff do you love?