13 December 2006

Time is short, life is fleeting

Every year for several years I have linked to this Advent Calendar. Leslie Harpold is its creator. It is cool, and "webby" and creative and can always lift your spirits during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It's something Leslie does because she can and she gets nothing but gratitude from all of us who enjoy it free of cost every year. I even go back and look at years past because they are so fun.

This year I began, as many of us did, to enjoy the daily updates. Then something strange happened. Hmmm. Saturday's not updating, neither is Sunday. Hmmmm. I missed Friday, maybe Leslie's having internet problems. Gah.

Well, today I began again in my quest for advent. Still nothing. Then a blurb at Not Martha about Leslie's death. What? I began a google search. How could this be? On the heels of the sad news of James and Kati and now this! There it was, friends, lots of them are offering their remembrances and piecing the story of her death together. She had been ill.

Emily mentions making a donation in Leslie's name at Modest Needs. I concur. Modest Needs is one of my favorite charities especially this time of year. I have been donating to them on and off for a few years and it always helps me remember that we are all in this together. It is the small acts of kindness shown, by people like Leslie, that bring sunshine into the lives of others. If you haven't yet dropped $20 in a donation pail, or even if you already have, do it again today. It'll make you feel better and is a great way to show Leslie that she made a difference. Make the donation in her memory, they'll let you do that.

So remember in a quick moment someone who makes you feel better, or loves you more than you'll ever know, or even an aquaintance over the net can be gone in an instant. Life is fleeting, make it count.