30 May 2007

San Luis Obispo

We went to SAn Luis Obispo for the holiday weekend. Had fun. Saw the beach, actually walked along it for a bit. and then took a tour of downtown SLO. The pics below represent the most interesting thing I saw in their downtown area. The only rule is posted on the wall/window next to the alleyway. I give you, the gum alley:

I was amazed at how high it went. Both sides covered in chewed gum. I can't imagine the biohazard represented in it all. Eeeck! All in all it is probably the most interesting bit of street art I've ever seen. Forget the chalk paintings in NYC. This was just plain incredible. The only regret? I wasn't chewing gum, so I couldn't add to the art work; and I didn't have my 6'6" son in law with me so he could reached an entirely new height!

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28 May 2007

Go Ducks!

Yes, it is that time of year. The Stanley Cup Finals are in full swing and the Anaheim Ducks are in it! Yay! I would love to be watching it live but, the feed on TV will have to do. All I can say is team Selanne and Giguere deserve the win and hopefully in 7 games will take the final!

!!!!Update:!!!! Wahoo! 1 down, three to go!

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*Update 2: !*!*!*!*!*!*!* 2 down, two to go!!!!!!!!

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24 May 2007


I got it done. Yay! I began working on this when I was in Virginia. Then I decided to start over because I saw Alicia's Tiramisu Blanket. I fell in love with the pattern and downloaded her free pattern, ran to the yarn store and began. It goes together pretty easily and I love the weave of the pattern. Don't you just love the net?

Then came the problems. I was using a lighter wieght yarn that Alicia recommended. I wanted to use a pearl cotton called Catania by Schachenmayr I bought all y store had (7 skeins) and began. By the time I was at the end of the 7 skeins I knew I needed at least four more. My store couldn't get them. Ugh.

I looked everywhere to find it. A lot of stores had colors but no one had the white I needed. So at the end of last week I began again. I used a Lion Brand Micro Spun (not silk at all) With everything else I had to get done, I was able to run through a skein in about four hours. Throw a wedding for a niece in the middle of it all and today I finally finished. I used 7 skeins.

The pattern turned out great. I did not tie a bow at the end because this blanket is for my grandson. I can guarantee his dad would not be thrilled with the bow.

Thanks Alicia, it turned our great!

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18 May 2007

Thanks Everyone!

We had a great anniversary!

There has been a lapse in blogging die to the fact that I have a project to finish before Memorial weekend and it is busting me. aaack. Along with the project, I have finally determined that I am allergic to our laundry products. I have a HUGE rash all over and it has now welted up enough to be a concern to those who have been able to see it first hand. It even is making the skin on my arm seriously dense and swollen around my wrist area. fun! I just wish I knew which laundry product it was. Well, more experimenting with it.

I may post a pic or two but don't hold your breath for a couple of days.

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15 May 2007

Just Married

bicycle, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

I remember those words so well....

He: Looked like the lead singer from Metallica
She: A pretty good copy of Jamie Lee Curtis in her prime

He: Played bass in a rock band
She: made costumes for the band

He: Was her brothers friend
She: Had a bet with a friend on who of them would go out with him

He: asked out she
She: accepted

The rest is history. 32 years of a journey, not a destination. He no longer looks like the lead singer in Metallica, she no longer resembles Jamie Lee. They are both part of a bigger picture now, with blessings of daughters and sons-in-laws. With a granddaughter and a grandson.
And more war stories some people wouldn't believe. A roller coaster of a life.

They started out with a bicycle and a loaf of french bread tucked under their arm. And dreams of being together forever, simple lovers building a life made from dreams.

Thank you dear one. I will love you forever.

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13 May 2007

Random photos

Winslow AZ, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

I take so many pictures. I need to share more on the web. Here are a few random shots as I travel about.





Window shopping

This was the best window! I love the colors.

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09 May 2007

Humming bird

Humming bird, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

The Humming birds are thick this year. I was able to get a few shots of them coming to the feeder.

Hungry Humming bird


Really close humming bird

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07 May 2007

I'm back

I took a week away, or so, to become a furniture mover!

Yes, while others were indulging in all the good that is Women's Conference, I was across the street helping move a young couple into a third story apartment. In the rain. In the hail and sleet.

The silver lining? I also got to spend 4 wonderful days with little miss. I got hugs and kisses and love. The four flights of stairs were worth all of that. The funnest part? When Little Miss ran to the play area, climb the slide ladder and slid down, then exclaimed "I did it!" It was all too cute. She is such a blessing. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that for life?

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