30 May 2007

San Luis Obispo

We went to SAn Luis Obispo for the holiday weekend. Had fun. Saw the beach, actually walked along it for a bit. and then took a tour of downtown SLO. The pics below represent the most interesting thing I saw in their downtown area. The only rule is posted on the wall/window next to the alleyway. I give you, the gum alley:

I was amazed at how high it went. Both sides covered in chewed gum. I can't imagine the biohazard represented in it all. Eeeck! All in all it is probably the most interesting bit of street art I've ever seen. Forget the chalk paintings in NYC. This was just plain incredible. The only regret? I wasn't chewing gum, so I couldn't add to the art work; and I didn't have my 6'6" son in law with me so he could reached an entirely new height!