24 May 2007


I got it done. Yay! I began working on this when I was in Virginia. Then I decided to start over because I saw Alicia's Tiramisu Blanket. I fell in love with the pattern and downloaded her free pattern, ran to the yarn store and began. It goes together pretty easily and I love the weave of the pattern. Don't you just love the net?

Then came the problems. I was using a lighter wieght yarn that Alicia recommended. I wanted to use a pearl cotton called Catania by Schachenmayr I bought all y store had (7 skeins) and began. By the time I was at the end of the 7 skeins I knew I needed at least four more. My store couldn't get them. Ugh.

I looked everywhere to find it. A lot of stores had colors but no one had the white I needed. So at the end of last week I began again. I used a Lion Brand Micro Spun (not silk at all) With everything else I had to get done, I was able to run through a skein in about four hours. Throw a wedding for a niece in the middle of it all and today I finally finished. I used 7 skeins.

The pattern turned out great. I did not tie a bow at the end because this blanket is for my grandson. I can guarantee his dad would not be thrilled with the bow.

Thanks Alicia, it turned our great!