29 February 2008

So Cal Blogger meet up, returned!

Okay so today was the day. The day I would put myself on the spot and actually allow someone to see who I really was. Aaaack! We met up at 11 a.m. in Anaheim at Downtown Disney. They have this quiet little terrace that we scoped out a few weeks ago and decided "this would be the right place". (a little mormon humor for us SoCalrs)

No one had true assignments other than to show up with $5 in hand to help defray the cost of lunch. Lunch? It was on me. Yep. Typecast again. SO I threw together a salad, bought some sourdough rolls and some good Irish butter and made my way down to OC.

My thoughts? Well, I am easily impressed, but I had a BLAST! S'mee put the whole thing together, something I would never have done, I'm just too aaack! Yeah, I am. I took a few photos and will share them with you.

So who were the cast of characters for the day? Those brave enough to make the drive include:

Yes, our resident rock star photographer (A.Lebowitz), Susan M! Susan hails from the Seattle area, but now lives here in SoCal with the rest of us. I am so glad I finally got to meet her. She is exactly as she presents herself on her blog Strange Pulse. She is quiet and cool. I think I could spend a week shooting pictures with her and see the same places in SoCal in all kinds of new ways. Susan brought each of us a music CD with a great collection of music. I put it in the CD player in the car and it will be enjoyed for days and days!

Than along came Hollywood. Hollywood was the picture of perfection: Yes. June Cleaver.
I am sure the little darlings are going to grow up in the big city, all the while having the perfect mom, the kool-aid mom. Yep that's hollywood. She did bring the girls along too. They were perfect angels! Darling, cute and witty at times. The only problem of the day was when the woobie went over the ledge and was gone for good, donated to Disney karma. I did get a good shot of the girls: Cher and Pixie

Then along came Our Huckleberry

He was as charming as ever. He's a new dad and brought the wife and their new baby along.

Last but not least was S'mee. She's kind of shy about having her picture made, but I managed to snap one for all of you!

She is the quintessential Mousketeer! She brought each of us a bag full of goodies! All themed Disney for the day. She went the extra mile to make goodie bags for the little girls and we all had a great time chatting and eating and laughing. Thanks S'mee, I had a good time!

You've all seen a pic of me recently Chronicler's pic. hehehehe. I am sure more of the day will come to light in the next day or two, as the fog clears and I can remember the day. Overall it was a good day.

Hey guys, let's do it again soon!

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27 February 2008


I just ran across this picture over at Megan's flickr account. I had to favorite it. You see, packaging makes me swoon. Not just any packaging, but little tins or boxes. I have quite a collection going and cannot resist the recycle-ability of tin or a well made box. Don't get girl one, two or three started on my obsession with plastic containers! They could write volumes about it.

I like order. I like compartments. I like treasures. I have a box for everything. But I can't stand cardboard. Cardboard represents temporary for me. My whole childhood was spent in cardboard. We moved at least every 8 months and so many bits and pieces were lost out of a cardboard box. So now if I have a box, it must be decorated, sturdy and attractive. Leather boxes? Oh my, give me one and you'll have me forever! Wood, too!

What makes you swoon? What do you love, materialistically speaking I mean.

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21 February 2008

Just about ready for market

Wine set, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

This work in progress is turning out quite well. I have the cheese dish, the wine charms and now the bottle cover made. All I need now is to get a small leather symbol to dress up the cover a bit and a gift box and it will be ready to take to the wineries around here.

The bottle cover is made of genuine suede leather. I sew the tube and punch the holes for the leather tie. I will also be adding a small leather medallion for the outside as a decoration. I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

We live in SoCal's wine country and I think the wineries might be interested in offering it to their customers. Of course the wine set will not come with the bottle of wine, so they can use they're own wine to add to the set.

Me, I'll ad the non-alcohol grape juice to mine! Watch for this at 3 Hip Sisters soon!

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20 February 2008


This picture hangs in my hallway. The big guy purchased it for me years ago on one of our trips to San Francisco. The artist is Robert Sexton. You can usually catch an ad of his in the back of Sunset Magazine. His pictures speak to me. I love stippling as an art form. One little dot in the wrong place and you goof it up. That is why I appreciate it so much.

This picture reminds me of my 4 year old self, and my almost five year old brother. The sentiment on the photo reads: "We will always be children in the time of the heart; For trust never ages, and love has no end." It is like Mr. Sexton found a photo of us when we were out riding bikes one day and turned it into a sale-able piece just for us. It is a lithograph of which I own number 416 of 600. I wonder who else owns this picture and what meaning it has for them. Hmmm. That might be an interesting project.

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18 February 2008

My So Called Life - A glimpse

The oldest daughter tagged me with this one:

10 yrs ago:
Was the year the middle daughter graduated from school. I was working part time for a friend doing research at his investment firm.

5 Things on my list of things to do today:
Finish my slides project - I got them photographed at least!
Laundry - ugh.
Work on some vinyl projects.
Go to Target.
Begin Easter surprises for Sport and Little miss.

Things I would do if I suddenly was a Billionaire:
Set up a family trust.
Pay off all debts.
Build homes.
Travel the world, to see if I could actually identify a root in my family origin.
Set up a foundation to help middle class families in need of short term financial assistance; including paying for educational expenses for women really wanting to pursue the arts (any kind).
Remember that money is for spending and helping others, and be grateful for the blessing/trial of having it.

3 of my bad habits:
Just 3???
Chewing on my fingers when I get stressed.
Being too independent.
Objectifying people.

Places I have lived:
Port Huron, MI
Redondo Beach, CA
Long Beach, CA
Lynwood, CA
Anaheim, CA
and that was just the first five years of life!

Jobs I have had:
Bank Teller, I proved youcould close an account without crediting all the interest earned. That job lasted two weeks. ugh.
Union Grocery Clerk - great pay, lousy hours
Sales person in a camera store
Stock Broker
Plant Manager, food processing company

Things most people don't know about me:
I love research, give me a topic.
I love to run, even though I don't do it.
I have a difficult time with color coordination.
I am going deaf, not due to age.
I find being alone is not a difficult thing, although I enjoy company when it is around.

Who to tag? It seems everyone I know has been. So if you haven't and want to share, go for it. I'd love to see your answers.

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17 February 2008

Six little words.

Six-Word Memoir book preview from SMITHmag on Vimeo

I am always amazed at the wonderful things the internet has to offer. My s-i-l happened upon this project. I love it. Six words. Only six words. The authors ask that you sum up a life in only six words. Watch the video and share your six with me.

It will take some time for me to refine one, but off the top of my head I say:
Three daughters, a blessed life indeed.

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15 February 2008

As S'mee puts it, the really odd meme

What kind of soap do you have in your bathtub/shower right now?
Bath and Body Works Peppermint Candy

What color or design is on your shower curtain?
The shower curtain is clear with a rectangly design with grooves. When the sun hits it it shines prisms around the room.

What would you change about your living room?
Oh where to start. Number one, make it at least half again larger. Then get rid of the popcorn ceiling.

How many plants are in your home?
Two. And I'm praying they don't die before they can go outside again.

Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty?
In the process. I do them at least every three days. That's how long it usually takes to fill it up.

Do you drink out of glass or plastic most of the time at home?
Clear polycarbonite glasses for everyday. Glass for occasions.

Do you have iced tea, made in a pitcher, right now?
Yep. Decaf Green Tea.

Do you have any watermelon in your refrigerator?
Not in season my friends, not here.

So, what is in your fridge?
Gorgonzola, Feta and Tillamook cheese. Oh and parmesan. Left over lamb, chicken and salmon. Condiments, including dill pickles in spears and chips, sweet relish, three kinds of mustard, ketchup, salsa, really good milk, water, Function:Light Weight, eggs, kalamata olives, 3 cans of tuna, 1 can chicken, cream cheese, red and green bell peppers, celery, romaine lettuce, baby mixed greens, 1 sweet onion, mushrooms, red flame raisins, yeast, nutmeg, real butter, unsalted and salted, chocolate frosting, buttercream frosting, olive tapenade, beef demi-glace, worchestshire, two rice vinegar, siracha, lemon curd, soy sauce (a million little packets from chinese take-out), sausage, a couple of apples. I think that is about it. Note: this does not include the stuff in the freezer.

What's on top of your refrigerator?
My slow cooker, a big thing full of whey protein, cuisinart ice cream maker. And a good layer of dust.

White or wheat bread?
None currently, usually Roman Meal.

Comet or Soft Scrub?
Comet. Bon Ami, if I can find it for sale anywhere.

Is your bed made now?
Hardly ever. Unless I'm going on vacation, I just throw the covers back and call it done. If I am going out of town, I'll actually pull the spread back. I do that so if I die while I'm gone all those nice older women that will come to help my husband will think I was such a great housekeeper.

Is your closet organized? Yes.

Can you describe your flashlight?
It's a really pretty blue Maglight. The head bonker one. It's huge!

If you have a garage, is it cluttered?
Oh, it's cluttered, but I still park my car in it every night. That's a rule at our house.

Well, who do I want to be nosy with? Hmmm Okay: the Youngest One, the Oldest One, Number 2 and Nicolette, and Maren.

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14 February 2008

Share the Love

Happy Valentine's Day all my bloggy friends! This one's for all of you!


1. Sterling heart, 2. Red Heart, 3. Dove heart, 4. Kiss heart, 5. bud heart, 6. hello heart, 7. picky hearts, 8. heart bouquet, 9. Alligator love, 10. Secret to a happy life, 11. cutter heart, 12. Heart entry, 13. Sweetie pie, 14. Pewter hearts, 15. squiggle heart, 16. cheeky heart, 17. Cookie hearts, 18. Ceramic hearts, 19. Luv heart, 20. I heart Coco-Luxe

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11 February 2008

Coco-Luxe Chocolates

My creation, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

I simply could not let this go by. You have to go to Food Chronicles and read about Coco-Luxe chocolates! There is even a coupon code at the bottom so you can get a 15% discount throughout February on a purchase at their site.

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08 February 2008

Another chapter begins

I have a wonderful friend who lives 30 minutes from me. We used to work together at the food plant. When I get jobs, sometimes I am there for the experience of working, other times for different experiences. I truly believe I live a guided life. "everything happens for a reason" is one of my motto's. I know others can't stand that statement, but for me it works.

So on to the friend. She was the reason I had my job. We slowly got to know each other, me being boss and her my subordinate. I gained insight from her about her culture, her work ethic and her family strength. She learned to temper her temper from me. For the longest time, we were friends ala boss and employee. Until one day. She made an off the cuff statement about her belief system one day, and I responded to her statement. It was not something a boss should do. But I had to, I could not let her statement go. We spent hours talking and comparing information. I loved our discussions. She said it was like a feast.

Suffice it to say our bond grew deeper and deeper, until I knew she would be my friend forever. I even see her in Arizona with our family someday. Her family and mine working together and enjoying the richness that good friends can bring to each other.

For months, she has rattled around in my brain for a project I had in mind. I did not take action. I have been lazy in the extension of this project. I have held it at the back burner, for some reason it never felt all that important. Until Monday. Monday I woke up and said I must go see Araceli today. So I got in my little car and made the trek up the hill and across the valley. I got to her home and was delighted to see her lavender plants blooming in glorious wonder! The vibrant purples were welcoming and beckoning with their lovely lavender scent. I went to the door and left a note for my friend. This girl changes phone numbers like I change shoes, so I didn't have a number. She called me back, we set a time to meet on Thursday. Yay!

When I arrived at her house we spent an hour catching up on the family comings and goings, and jobs, and kids, and husbands, and all those wonderful things in our lives. Then she mentioned she had been working two jobs for 8 months, some days going from one to the other working 17 hours straight. Ugh. Finally Saturday last, she quit one job. She is free to pursue other projects! At that invitation I gave her my idea. I needed her to work with me because she would bring depth to the project that I did not have. Suddenly we were both bringing forth ideas and styles and so many possibilities. And then she said, if you have been praying for money, get ready to open your arms wide. We are going to make this work, and we are going to do so well.

I love my friend. I love her part in my life. I love her optimism. I can hardly wait to get to work. And I love that once again, I waited for some unknown reason to do this for eight months, and she quit her job Saturday after working for eight months solid. I am glad I listen the still small voice inside and act when it says to act.

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06 February 2008

Wow! What a hairdo!

Wow What a hairdo!, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

I have a love/hate relationship with the hairdresser. I have thick curly/wavy hair that is also coarse. I blow it out and use Straightworks to help keep it smooth and in place. If I go anywhere near the beach all that is in vain as the humidity just makes it frizz all the more.

I really love my hair. I have been envied in the family by at least one sister that I know of. But still. There comes a time when you just have to pay someone to shape it and make it do what it should.

Being that I have no real girl skillz I rely on others for advice as to how to fix it, how to color it and who best to allow their scissors near me. This is where we fall into problems.

I evidently speak a different language because usually when I tell them how I wear my hair and how I make it work, they hear "oh it should be short in front so it frizzes uncontrollably when I am trying to look professional." or something to that end.

An example of this was just two weeks ago. I went to the local salon in time for my appointment only to wait a half hour. My stylist asked how things were going, the usually witty banter ensued and then she said how's the color. Well, she must not have worn her glasses, as looking at my hair it was obvious something need to be done with this setting sun of a color job. (yes, s'mee I can hear you now) So we decided on a color and went forth to dying. Two hours later we were finally done. Yeah I never thought it would take two hours for a one dimension color job either. It was getting late and my head was still went and needed to be trimmed too.

So she set off to trim it up and suddenly turned and said "Would it be okay if I sent you home without the blow-dry? I'm really hungry and have another appointment soon and if I don't get some lunch I just won;t make it through the day. I've been really stressed lately..." and as her voice trailed off I heard myself mumbling something along the lines of "sure it's okay, I can do it at home."

AAAACK. Thus my love/hate relationship. And that picture is exactly how it looks now!

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05 February 2008

New item I've been working on

Wine bottle, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

I have been intrigued with the wine bottles I have seen slumped here and there. So I decided to give it a try. First you flatten the bottle in the kiln and then slump it to form the tray.

I am thinking I will put these up for sale in the shop soon. They'll have the cheese/olive tray, six wine charms and a bottle cover made from suede. It should do well. There are some wineries in the area that I'll be taking them too also.

I am also working on a sculpture. It is just in the beginning stages and will probably take about a weeks worth of kin time to finish. Here's a peek:


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01 February 2008

Fourth grade

When I was in the fourth grade I had been a skater for probably 3 years. Skates were something that came naturally to our family. Mom was a champion skater from way back so when we learned to walk, the skates were next. In those days skates had metal wheels. Yeah, those were fun, hit a rock and it was over. The skates attached to your shoes with leather straps and there was an adjustment knob on the front to tighten the up. Sort of a one size fits all skate.

Well, after you've skated up and down your street 50,000 times or so, you begin to get a little brave and do stuff that most people don't do on skates. Like walk down to Laurel street and dare each other to skate down the hill, remembering of course, that you have to catch the stop sign at the bottom because if you don't it could be goners for you from traffic.Yeah that's how the brother and I had fun. It was a blast, in fact last week I rode down Laurel street and it all came flooding back. Ah sweet memories.

After a 1000 or so trips down Laurel street and no deaths, we were ready to ramp it up a bit and decided to try something new. Mom was going to kill us. We found some old 2x4s and a saw and decided to invent a new way to "skate" we broke the wheels off the skates and nailed them to the 2x4. Yep we did. A 2x4 skateboard. Of course we don't have pictures of the best skateboard ever, because back then who thought to document an invention?

Well, it was the prize of the neighborhood! Suddenly everyone was doing it and boy were we having fun. It was near impossible to steer and would not corner at all, but it was the best. You could use it regular, or sit on it and Laurel street would never be the same. I found out I was a goofy footer and that was okay, it separated me from the boys and I really thought I had better control over it that way. Goofy footer? For the uninitiated, that mean my left foot was the prominent foot used while skate boarding. (and surfboarding too)

Good times. good memories. Then when I saw this video this morning I thought to myself how far skateboarding has come. And for all those guys, making a living skateboarding? You owe all us kids from the early 60s a debt of gratitude!

Go watch it. It is 5 minutes, but take the five minutes and enjoy it!

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