08 February 2008

Another chapter begins

I have a wonderful friend who lives 30 minutes from me. We used to work together at the food plant. When I get jobs, sometimes I am there for the experience of working, other times for different experiences. I truly believe I live a guided life. "everything happens for a reason" is one of my motto's. I know others can't stand that statement, but for me it works.

So on to the friend. She was the reason I had my job. We slowly got to know each other, me being boss and her my subordinate. I gained insight from her about her culture, her work ethic and her family strength. She learned to temper her temper from me. For the longest time, we were friends ala boss and employee. Until one day. She made an off the cuff statement about her belief system one day, and I responded to her statement. It was not something a boss should do. But I had to, I could not let her statement go. We spent hours talking and comparing information. I loved our discussions. She said it was like a feast.

Suffice it to say our bond grew deeper and deeper, until I knew she would be my friend forever. I even see her in Arizona with our family someday. Her family and mine working together and enjoying the richness that good friends can bring to each other.

For months, she has rattled around in my brain for a project I had in mind. I did not take action. I have been lazy in the extension of this project. I have held it at the back burner, for some reason it never felt all that important. Until Monday. Monday I woke up and said I must go see Araceli today. So I got in my little car and made the trek up the hill and across the valley. I got to her home and was delighted to see her lavender plants blooming in glorious wonder! The vibrant purples were welcoming and beckoning with their lovely lavender scent. I went to the door and left a note for my friend. This girl changes phone numbers like I change shoes, so I didn't have a number. She called me back, we set a time to meet on Thursday. Yay!

When I arrived at her house we spent an hour catching up on the family comings and goings, and jobs, and kids, and husbands, and all those wonderful things in our lives. Then she mentioned she had been working two jobs for 8 months, some days going from one to the other working 17 hours straight. Ugh. Finally Saturday last, she quit one job. She is free to pursue other projects! At that invitation I gave her my idea. I needed her to work with me because she would bring depth to the project that I did not have. Suddenly we were both bringing forth ideas and styles and so many possibilities. And then she said, if you have been praying for money, get ready to open your arms wide. We are going to make this work, and we are going to do so well.

I love my friend. I love her part in my life. I love her optimism. I can hardly wait to get to work. And I love that once again, I waited for some unknown reason to do this for eight months, and she quit her job Saturday after working for eight months solid. I am glad I listen the still small voice inside and act when it says to act.