29 February 2008

So Cal Blogger meet up, returned!

Okay so today was the day. The day I would put myself on the spot and actually allow someone to see who I really was. Aaaack! We met up at 11 a.m. in Anaheim at Downtown Disney. They have this quiet little terrace that we scoped out a few weeks ago and decided "this would be the right place". (a little mormon humor for us SoCalrs)

No one had true assignments other than to show up with $5 in hand to help defray the cost of lunch. Lunch? It was on me. Yep. Typecast again. SO I threw together a salad, bought some sourdough rolls and some good Irish butter and made my way down to OC.

My thoughts? Well, I am easily impressed, but I had a BLAST! S'mee put the whole thing together, something I would never have done, I'm just too aaack! Yeah, I am. I took a few photos and will share them with you.

So who were the cast of characters for the day? Those brave enough to make the drive include:

Yes, our resident rock star photographer (A.Lebowitz), Susan M! Susan hails from the Seattle area, but now lives here in SoCal with the rest of us. I am so glad I finally got to meet her. She is exactly as she presents herself on her blog Strange Pulse. She is quiet and cool. I think I could spend a week shooting pictures with her and see the same places in SoCal in all kinds of new ways. Susan brought each of us a music CD with a great collection of music. I put it in the CD player in the car and it will be enjoyed for days and days!

Than along came Hollywood. Hollywood was the picture of perfection: Yes. June Cleaver.
I am sure the little darlings are going to grow up in the big city, all the while having the perfect mom, the kool-aid mom. Yep that's hollywood. She did bring the girls along too. They were perfect angels! Darling, cute and witty at times. The only problem of the day was when the woobie went over the ledge and was gone for good, donated to Disney karma. I did get a good shot of the girls: Cher and Pixie

Then along came Our Huckleberry

He was as charming as ever. He's a new dad and brought the wife and their new baby along.

Last but not least was S'mee. She's kind of shy about having her picture made, but I managed to snap one for all of you!

She is the quintessential Mousketeer! She brought each of us a bag full of goodies! All themed Disney for the day. She went the extra mile to make goodie bags for the little girls and we all had a great time chatting and eating and laughing. Thanks S'mee, I had a good time!

You've all seen a pic of me recently Chronicler's pic. hehehehe. I am sure more of the day will come to light in the next day or two, as the fog clears and I can remember the day. Overall it was a good day.

Hey guys, let's do it again soon!