03 March 2008

Pirate's Treasure!

Bounty, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

The first three pictures here are what S'mee brought to the meet and greet on Friday. Now you know why I am glad I'm her sister! She always does such nice things.

Here's a close up or two:
foldup scrapbook

Pirate booty

Not only did she bring a folding scrabook to record the memories of our day, but she also included a set of her fabulous note cards with pictures she took herself! And some homemade sugar scrub! Which is wonderfully scented with vanilla and brown sugar. Incredible.

Saturday while I was out I had to take a picture of the lost sole I found. It was there a perfectly good sole, somewhat abused by its original owner obviously, yet somehow I heard a mom saying, how do you lose your shoes??!!!?Lost Sole

And then, while I was at Downtown Disney I noticed you could buy a selection of m&ms in different colors that are not readily available in the bags. Outrageously priced, but still I decided that since they would become part of the decor, it was worth the price. Voila!Dome