24 March 2008

Little Miss

Little Miss, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

My first opportunity to show of the grandkids. This format is safe and very artistic. I love it in fact!

This is a new process I've started doing on canvas. I've vectorized the image and then cut it in vinyl. I then transfer the vinyl to canvas and use acrylics to fill in the background.

Here's one of sport:


And now, here's the thing. I am trying to raise money. Yep I need some! I will do the same of a loved one of yours! Yes, Friend, family or even a pet! I will vectorize a photo you send me then transfer it to canvas. You get to choose your background color I should add, it does not come framed. The canvas is 11x14 and it will be mailed to you through the US Postal Service. All for the small fee of $40.

Please tell your friends! Send me an email at foodchronicles at yahoo dot com to order yours!