10 March 2008

Favorite places

Thursday the sis and I headed down to San Diego. I had to go to a supplier location and she wanted to know if I wanted to go by Shinoda's with her. The Shinoda's she goes to is in Orange County, but I happen to know of one in San Diego so i thought we may as well kill two birds with one stone and have a bigger reason to go to San Diego. (Shinoda's by the way is a gigantic floral supply/wholesale only place.)

We met up at my house about 8:30 a.m. Ran a couple of errands in town before we got on the road to San Diego. First we stopped at Shinoda's. Holy cow that place is huge! I love the displays, they are very creative and have just the right look no matter what theme you've got going. With Easter fast approaching there were all kinds of bunnies and chicks and eggs to use in decorating a specially designated area. I was tempted, but only came away with one object. One that will be leaving here and heading north. So you don't get to see it for a bit longer.

Then we headed over to the vinyl supplier I needed to see. Wowzer! Things are moving fast and furiously in the vinyl arena. So many new items I couldn't take it all in at once. However, I did pick up a few items that will work, and told them to expect an order over the net as I needed to really decide which way I wanted to go with a few things.

Then we decided it was time for lunch. In and Out. Yep burgers and fries for these girls. It was close by and would save a bit of time in the day. Once I pulled up to the In and Out I mentioned to S'mee that if she ever wanted anything Japanese themed she really must go over to the store across the way as it was the perfect place to pick up anything, or everything you could possibly think of needing.

Lunch was done and we were heading home. Then I thought well since we're here let's go ahead and go one in to the Mitsuwa store right there. I could pick up some gyoza for steaming and it would be a quick dinner. We spent some time walking around and S'mee actually swooned a couple of times. When we checked out (I got the gyoza) the clerk asked me a question I did not hear. I responded incorrectly then S'mee repeated the question. I apologized and mentioned my hearing problem and then came my favorite line of the day, "She looks so young to be having hearing problems." Yes, I do . Thank you very much!

As soon as you enter the store is a huge bookstore. I have read of all of the wonderful crafting books in Japan and decided to take a look. Wow. I could spend a fortune in there! I only bought one:

The have the cutest little booties! And all kinds of other neat things to make.

This should make the news of this morning even better. The middle daughter called this morning. She's having a girl!