30 July 2008

Nibble on they tiny feet!

It is mid morning. I am tired, but not as tired as mom and dad. We have a new little girl! She is healthy and seemingly happy with life outside the womb so far! More later!

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29 July 2008

Baby Alert

I will be away from my computer for a few days. We are welcoming our newest graddaughter tomorrow morning by emergency c section. Not what we expected at all, other complications are making this a bit of a problem, therefore I may be sporadic at blogging over the next few days.

I'll see ya in a few...

With a new granddaughter and plenty of baby birthing stories!

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24 July 2008

Blog friends

Pay it forward, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Long ago I signed up at Nicolette's blog in a Pay it Forward post she did. I had long forgotten that I had even signed up! Today in the mail was a post I had to sign for. Neat! What could it be? Then I noticed the familiar handwriting. It was from Nicolette. Neat!

Inside the big box I found what is pictured above. She has pampered me from every angle! Sweets, calming teas, chocolate!, some very pretty pearl head pins the are lovely, a postcard of a bicycle, some sweet smelling lotion and body gel, and a wonderful handmade notebook! I am so thrilled to receive such a generous gift! Thank you Nicolette.

If you haven't been by Nicolette's blog you simply must click on the link above. She has marvelous talents and is one of the biggest philanthropists on the net. She is always quilting for a cause and doing good all around. I am glad I have gotten to know her somewhat through our blogs and hope someday to rent a bike in the Netherlands and take a ride with her!

The postman was very generous today! He also brought me a package from Jessica of Lost Button Studio fame. Jessica is also a creative blogger! She designs jewelry and all kinds of lovely things. She is currently expecting her third son, neat! neat!, and has just done a redesign of her blog and studio site. When she did that she made some neat little magnets. I told her they were great and she sent me some!

Lost Button Studio

I am looking forward to possibly meeting her when I am in Utah for the baby welcoming gig. So many wonderful people are out there in crafting blog land. It truly is a wonderful place to be!

Oh and on the dream come true thing? Go read the post at the food blog!

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23 July 2008

Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

This was tonight's fortune cookie. How did the cookie know I would drive across the mojave desert on a ten hour drive soon?

At least it knew it would be pleasant. Well, once I get there for sure!

Come on Izabella! We're waiting on you!

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21 July 2008

Blogher, Blogher, everyone's talking about Blogher

I didn't go this year. Too many other things happening right now. I would like to next year, I think it would be great to be among women with lofty goals and desires. Taking a stroll through these women bloggers has got me thinking.

The awakening of the women's movement in the early 60s has paid off big time. I grew up in the midst of the ERA. By the time I had graduated from high school real changes were being made in the way women were treated in the workplace. Yes, I'll agree many things haven't changed. However, more good has happened than bad since the 70s for women.

I was still one of those suppressed women when I graduated high school. At one point I was encourage to seek an education past high school, but it was to pursue a traditionally woman's place in society. I was not told to dream big, but to prepare myself for being married. Ugh. I didn't have a father figure in my life that was a success so I had no where to turn to see what my possibilities could be. I wanted to be a translator at the UN. (yes, I'm that old) I had a proficiency for languages in my youth and thought it would be the way to use my talent and be successful. What I was told was that it was in NYC and that being single I could never survive there. This coming from a woman who had to raise her four children, mostly by herself. Hmmmm. Not to fault mom, but I think she was heavily ingrained in traditional roles, even as a single mom.

Now I look around at women 10 to fifteen years younger than myself and am amazed. Women are doing fantastic things that women of my generation just dreamed of most of the time. I do know of a few women my age that have set out to be successful in business and accomplished their goals. However, not many. Most of us took our roles as wives and mothers and did it pretty well. I will say we also had a lot of influence over young girls, growing up a few years behind us. Not only were we telling them that they could be great moms and wives, but we were also encouraging them to get an education, to dream big, and that they could be anything they wanted to be. Even if all they wanted to be was a mom.

So all of you 30 somethings out there, you are standing on some pretty good shoulders. We're not just old women, we're the women that helped get you where you are today. We applaud your success, revel in it actually. Just remember that even with all the success, that family does come first, that home and hearth are important, and yes, you can have it all.

I picked the bloggers above because they have impressed me with their tenacity, creativity, positivity, and abilities, not because they attended BlogHer. There are so many others I could add, just check my sidebar. Just so ya know.

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20 July 2008

Ingenious. Incredible. Wow.

As a mother of girls only I am amazed at this. And a bit jealous.

As an aunt of 3 infamous nephews. I say the guys in the video are lightweights. I'll let s'mee explain that.

: S'mee's post is up and she doesn't disappoint!

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18 July 2008

Bring on the baby!

We here at Chez Cooperville, are awaiting the birth of the second granddaughter at any time now! Come on girl, your table's ready! I will be heading up to Utah, any day in the near future to help with Little Miss and the crew while Mom and Izzy get used to each other.

So while I'd love to put stuff up for sale, I'm going to take a bit of a break, while I am out of town. My only regret is that I have to leave the Big Guy here all alone with Angus (the cat). He'll join us in a few weeks to celebrate. After I get back things will return to normal and I'll have all kinds of things happening here.

On the Dream come true thing? My meeting got put off until Monday. Then I will share with you all the wonderful things happening for me!

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16 July 2008

Told you about me liking scars?

Yes, they are proof that you've lived. Certain things I don't like. Bruises are some of those things. Yes, I bruise very easily. I've also told you of my love/hate relationship with dentists. Well Monday I had another appointment with the dentist. That's when two worlds collided.

There I was, quietly sitting waiting for the second of two procedures to begin. I had already had one tooth prepped for a crown and was waiting on the second. Then dentist entered the room, got his syringe out and went to work.

I now have a swollen cheek and a bruise on my face!!!!! There will be no pictures. I will just say, it is amazing how much better people treat you in public when they think someone has been smacking you around. I went back to the dentist this morning to have it evaluated. The first thing the dentist said was "Well, it's barely noticeable. You know it's a little problem, I nicked a blood vessel and that's why there is the bruising. It should clear up in about a week. There is nothing to worry about. I'm so glad it was you this happened to." Yeah me too. Adventures in dentistry I call it.

So how was your Monday? I'm working on something that might be huge for me. Fulfilling a bit of a dream. I'll know more Friday!

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If you've ever sewn, read this post

This morning I meandered through the blogosphere, (do people really use that word anymore?) and stopped by my sis' place. She said I had to read the post she put up about her quest for perfection, or something like that yesterday.

If you have ever sewn, please go read this post. Oh and make sure you are not drinking anything! Or you've been to the bathroom prior to reading it! S'mee has described very well the experience of sewing in our home. And then steps it up to the purchase of a new machine.

I cannot stop laughing. If you haven't sewn it won't be nearly as funny, but still enough to get you chuckling.

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12 July 2008

Favorite of the week

the best of the week, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Of all the wonderful places on the coast we went this past week, this was my favorite. Spending time with Sport was the best of the best. He was the cutest, loving, most wonderful child to be with all week. He has a routine, and is very, very analytical, he charmed the socks off all of us.

Each day brought new toys, and new places. I love to watch him explore. I can't say enough about what a joy it is to spend time with the grandchildren. It is the best that life has to offer.

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11 July 2008

Burger King, Not my kind of place!

I read a lot of business blogs. I was reading a story at Brand Autopsy that pointed me to the story I am bringing to your attention. At Idea Sandbox Paul tells about an experience he had at an airport recently. He noticed a tray liner being used at Burger King.

It is appalling. I cannot believe this is classified as humor any where in the world. Burger King really has their head in the wrong place and I can see why they are faltering and lagging behind other restaurants. Please read the story and act accordingly. (What I mean is send an email to BK and let them know that even if it isn't in the U.S. you don't want to support that kind of advertising or promotions.)

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10 July 2008

Lazing by the sea, yes that was me

Lazing by the sea, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

No! not the elephant seal silly! We went away for the fourth this year. Actually we went to the 1st daughter's house in Los Osos. She and her husband are doing a summer internship (well the husband is) and we went to stay in their lovely home by the sea for the fourth.

One of the days we were there we went for a drive up the coast to San Simeon. Most people go pay to see a huge castle that is famous there. I think it is silly to pay to see a rich guys house. We usually go there to see these guys:
Boys will be boys

They are so fun to watch. And lest you think I will be showing off toasted toes, let's see what our fourth looked like:

Fogged in

Fog, fog and more fog

These pics weren't taken on the fourth, but they did represent the weather for the week. Fog, foggy and more fog. The fourth? Well, let's just say the fireworks sounded good! The fog was so thick that was all there was. Sound. Loud booms and crackles.

Still we had a great week!

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03 July 2008

2008 Lavender harvest

2008 Lavender harvest, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Yes, I have put it off for about three weeks! But last night I finally went out and harvested the lavender. We have four large plants that needed to be cut. The picture shows this year's harvest!

No9w it will go to the drying shed (garage) and get nice and dried out. The I will make sachets, and set some aside for herbs de provence. Then I am going to try and do distilling this time around. I'll also just bag up some buds to use around the house while cleaning. I love sprinkling them on the carpet while I vacuum, they leave such a wonderful scent.

If any of you readers would like a 4 oz bag of lavender, let me know. I'd love to send you some!

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01 July 2008

More sewing stuff

Singer ripper?, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

In the organization process, I've also stumbled across a huge sewing filled, yes filled, to the brim with old sewing items. A ton of wooden spools of thread, more buttons, some vintage belt buckles and a few odd items.

One of them being the above. I have also taken a picture of it unfolded. Anyone have an idea of what it is and how it was used?

Singer unfolded

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