16 July 2008

Told you about me liking scars?

Yes, they are proof that you've lived. Certain things I don't like. Bruises are some of those things. Yes, I bruise very easily. I've also told you of my love/hate relationship with dentists. Well Monday I had another appointment with the dentist. That's when two worlds collided.

There I was, quietly sitting waiting for the second of two procedures to begin. I had already had one tooth prepped for a crown and was waiting on the second. Then dentist entered the room, got his syringe out and went to work.

I now have a swollen cheek and a bruise on my face!!!!! There will be no pictures. I will just say, it is amazing how much better people treat you in public when they think someone has been smacking you around. I went back to the dentist this morning to have it evaluated. The first thing the dentist said was "Well, it's barely noticeable. You know it's a little problem, I nicked a blood vessel and that's why there is the bruising. It should clear up in about a week. There is nothing to worry about. I'm so glad it was you this happened to." Yeah me too. Adventures in dentistry I call it.

So how was your Monday? I'm working on something that might be huge for me. Fulfilling a bit of a dream. I'll know more Friday!