10 July 2008

Lazing by the sea, yes that was me

Lazing by the sea, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

No! not the elephant seal silly! We went away for the fourth this year. Actually we went to the 1st daughter's house in Los Osos. She and her husband are doing a summer internship (well the husband is) and we went to stay in their lovely home by the sea for the fourth.

One of the days we were there we went for a drive up the coast to San Simeon. Most people go pay to see a huge castle that is famous there. I think it is silly to pay to see a rich guys house. We usually go there to see these guys:
Boys will be boys

They are so fun to watch. And lest you think I will be showing off toasted toes, let's see what our fourth looked like:

Fogged in

Fog, fog and more fog

These pics weren't taken on the fourth, but they did represent the weather for the week. Fog, foggy and more fog. The fourth? Well, let's just say the fireworks sounded good! The fog was so thick that was all there was. Sound. Loud booms and crackles.

Still we had a great week!