24 July 2008

Blog friends

Pay it forward, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Long ago I signed up at Nicolette's blog in a Pay it Forward post she did. I had long forgotten that I had even signed up! Today in the mail was a post I had to sign for. Neat! What could it be? Then I noticed the familiar handwriting. It was from Nicolette. Neat!

Inside the big box I found what is pictured above. She has pampered me from every angle! Sweets, calming teas, chocolate!, some very pretty pearl head pins the are lovely, a postcard of a bicycle, some sweet smelling lotion and body gel, and a wonderful handmade notebook! I am so thrilled to receive such a generous gift! Thank you Nicolette.

If you haven't been by Nicolette's blog you simply must click on the link above. She has marvelous talents and is one of the biggest philanthropists on the net. She is always quilting for a cause and doing good all around. I am glad I have gotten to know her somewhat through our blogs and hope someday to rent a bike in the Netherlands and take a ride with her!

The postman was very generous today! He also brought me a package from Jessica of Lost Button Studio fame. Jessica is also a creative blogger! She designs jewelry and all kinds of lovely things. She is currently expecting her third son, neat! neat!, and has just done a redesign of her blog and studio site. When she did that she made some neat little magnets. I told her they were great and she sent me some!

Lost Button Studio

I am looking forward to possibly meeting her when I am in Utah for the baby welcoming gig. So many wonderful people are out there in crafting blog land. It truly is a wonderful place to be!

Oh and on the dream come true thing? Go read the post at the food blog!