31 December 2007

1850 Miles later...

We're home! We went over the river and through the woods and down the freeway and over the mountain to get to the daughter's home for Christmas! It was a blast! This is their last winter in Idaho and so we thought we'd go there this year for a real live white Christmas. And boy oh boy Idaho did not disappoint. It began to snow almost as we arrived and didn't let up for the whole week!

One cold MINI

We went visiting, and toured the area, found some good food and saw the wintery sights all around. We had a great Christmas day, boy can the youngest one cook! We will not forget our white Christmas ever!


Have a Happy New Year all! This year, has been a good one, but 2008 has some super surprises for all of us! Here is to all of you, may your journeys be great, your burdens light and may love surround you now and forever!

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24 December 2007

Some sights around...

Baby it's cold outside! So snuggle up with a loved one, a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Start a fire in the fireplace and enjoy the quiet goodness of home.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! And thank you! Thank you all for your kind comments and support over the years! I have made wonderful blogfriends and hope you all have great holidays worldwide!

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19 December 2007

Best Christmas Gift ever!

I got it a little early. But it really won't arrive until the end of July. One of my daughters has announce after three+ years of trying she is pregnant! Yay! It is the best news. You see, each of my daughters have a difficult time getting pregnant. Every one of them! I know this is good news that we all are so happy about; it is a bit melancholy for the other two as I know they wish it was them. Still we are all ecstatic about this news!

In light of the news this morning about the younger Spears sibling, I don't get it. Why do people who really really want to be pregnant get passed over for a young girl of 16 who isn't married or emotional prepared to care for a child. I don't get it.

Still I am happy and can hardly wait for July!

Jace's feet

ooooOOOOOoooooo Baby feet!

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18 December 2007

It's Christmas time again.

Wow! It seems that time does speed up for you as you age. I remember being a small child and it taking three years for Christmas to roll around, and now! Now it seems to come every three months!

I have been crafting away, but not for show! Not yet at least. There have been some yummy fabrics and soft cuddly ones too! I have had more fun dreaming of new ways to use them and coming up with a few surprises! One I can show is the sugar plum pillow case I made for Little Miss. I am trying to do this every year for each of the grandkids. They'll have quite a collection of pillow cases some day!

This is the fabric I chose this year. Little Miss got one. The grandson is too small, his first will be next year.

Sugar Plum case fabric

Finished case here (just a small snippet of it though:

Sugar Plum

There is a poem that goes with them:

December the first starts a magical time,
With all sorts of colors, ribbons, and rhyme...
Sugar plum fairies will dance in your head....
If you put this special pillowcase on your bed.
The reason its special, as you will soon see
Is that it's been dusted with Christmas Fancy!

Visions of candy canes, Santa and treasures
Will fill each dream with sweetness and pleasures.
When the time comes for it to be washed
Do it quickly so no magic is lost.

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13 December 2007

A few additions

Added a bit, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

I added some tins I found at Target. I especially love the hinged one! I also finished up some felt cone trees I've been working on. I got almost forty trees from four pieces of felt!

Felt Christmas trees

Felt Cone Trees

More trees

These line the mantle in the living room.

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12 December 2007

We interrupt your holidays with this important announcement

Because I have a grandchild under the age of 1 this is important! Business Week magazine broke this story late this afternoon. I haven't seen it mentioned in the news anywhere.

If you have a child that has been given the Hib vaccination in the last six months you need to contact your child's doctor. It seems that tests are showing sterility problems associated with this vaccine in Pennsylvania. Contamination of some sort has occurred and Merck is recalling the drug. Over a million doses were given in recent months. The CDC is asking concerned parents to contact their doctors.

If you are concerned about vaccinations in general, this should really make you take notice.

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11 December 2007

Look what been happening around here!

Ready to eat

Go over to Food Chronicles to see the whole story.

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10 December 2007

Stepping on a land mine

Yes, that's what this post will be. But I really don't understand this and maybe someone can help me out.

Why is it okay for Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton to go to a church and stump for their favorite politicians and it is not okay that someone like Mitt Romney (not an endorsement) can't talk about the fact that he is running for president at church?

I understand (like some do not) the separation of church and state. That part of the constitution was written to protect churches from the state, not the other way around, by the way.

What I don't understand is why is it allowed for some and not others? I don't get it. Maybe someone else does. Answers? I am not looking for a political discussion. I'm really just looking for a good answer.

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08 December 2007

Corner of my home

Merry Christmas, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Okay, this is the first area I'll share. I saw these trees in a 20 year old Christmas crafts book and had to make some. So easy!

cute tree

Start with a few pieces of Christmas type paper in complimenting colors. They can be solids or patterns. Cut several circles in descending sizes. I started with a five in circle and cut 4, 3, 2 and 1 inch circles also.

You'll also need a 36" piece of doweling. 3 packages of wooden spools and some sort of base. Paint the spools read and white. Paint the base green. I didn't paint the dowel.

Then I wrapped a bit of tape around the base of the dowel. This is because the hole in the base is just slightly larger than the dowel and I didn't like the leaning tree I was getting without it.


Then I also put a little bit of tape on the dowel where I wanted the first piece of paper to stop. This is where the lowest branch will be.

Dowel and tape

Now you're ready to build your trees. Oh Wait! You need a star. I took some bright yellow paper and a snowflake cutter I had and cut the stars. One side just palin paper, the other with some double stick tape on it. That way I could get them to stay together at the top of the tree.



Now begin stacking your tree together. A piece of paper, then two spools. A piece of paper and two spools, descending sizes of round, of course! And voila! You have trees! Addyour stars to the top and you're done!

Paper Trees

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06 December 2007


Spools, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Just a few pics of the crafting that is happening around here.

A forest of trees coming to life, some spools for another kind of tree, sugar plum fairy pillows, and a bit of pooh for someone special.

Forest in the making



Sugar Plum


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03 December 2007

Care package

Care package, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

And I mean CARE. In October I saw a post at Nicolette's that said she was hoping someone would have a certain fabric that she was using to do a quilt for breast cancer awareness month. She would be giving the quilt to a nominated person from her comments section who was suffering with the dreaded disease.

At first I was in awe of her generosity to make a beautiful quilt and then to give it away to warm another's life. Then I looked carefully at the fabric she needed and realized I had some that would match hers. I quickly sent her a note saying that I would send it to her if I could get her address. I received it and off it went. It helped Nicolette finish up her quilt and I was really glad I could help.

She posted the picture of the finished quilt and I almost cried it was so beautiful. Not just the quilt itself but what it represented . The giving of ones whole heart to alleviate the suffering of another. Nicolette truly understood the meaning of charity. It was beautiful and the receiver I am sure was touched by her gesture of love.

Then there in the fine print was a notice of thanks to those people who had helped her make the quilt. She specifically named a few who lightened her burden a bit while working on it and helping her to finish it up. I was surprised to find my name among them. Me? Why? I would have sent her the fabric not because I wanted the recognition, but because I had it and she needed it. That's what we should all be doing.

One positive thing my mom taught me was to be a giver. Not to worry about how you gave, or how much, or why, just that you did. Because when you live your life with charity, you life is enriched. It makes you a better person. I have tried to be charitable but I fail and fall short a lot of the time.

Nicolette, then surprised me by sending me a thank you package! Yes, I had a package from the postman today from Nicolette filled with the most adorable handmade bird. She must know I love birds. She also included two gorgeous pieces of blue batik fabric and some wonderful chocolate. Mmmmm.
Lovely birdie!

When I sent the fabric to Nicolette, I never intended to do it so I could receive a nice gift in return. That was an added blessing! What wonderful things happen in the blogosphere, if you're paying attention and are willing to share. The things learned as children really do work as adults too!

Thank you Nicolette. I cannot say it any better than that. Thank you for being you.

Nest and bird

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Another from the roof

from the roof, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Look out the sunroof and what did I see? Rain, rain, rain! Friday was a wonderful day! We got the first full day of rain in two years! I wanted to go outside and dance in it, but I was at a show and couldn't get all wet!

Everyone that came in said they had been praying for rain, and finally their prayers were answered. Funny in all the prayers I've said in the past few months I am not sure I have specifically asked for rain. Don't know why, just didn't. I'm glad someone else was though. :-)

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01 December 2007

I did it! NaBloPoMo is done

Now the fun begins. The holidays are upon us and I've got to get crafting! I'll keep you poste don what I am making!

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