03 December 2007

Care package

Care package, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

And I mean CARE. In October I saw a post at Nicolette's that said she was hoping someone would have a certain fabric that she was using to do a quilt for breast cancer awareness month. She would be giving the quilt to a nominated person from her comments section who was suffering with the dreaded disease.

At first I was in awe of her generosity to make a beautiful quilt and then to give it away to warm another's life. Then I looked carefully at the fabric she needed and realized I had some that would match hers. I quickly sent her a note saying that I would send it to her if I could get her address. I received it and off it went. It helped Nicolette finish up her quilt and I was really glad I could help.

She posted the picture of the finished quilt and I almost cried it was so beautiful. Not just the quilt itself but what it represented . The giving of ones whole heart to alleviate the suffering of another. Nicolette truly understood the meaning of charity. It was beautiful and the receiver I am sure was touched by her gesture of love.

Then there in the fine print was a notice of thanks to those people who had helped her make the quilt. She specifically named a few who lightened her burden a bit while working on it and helping her to finish it up. I was surprised to find my name among them. Me? Why? I would have sent her the fabric not because I wanted the recognition, but because I had it and she needed it. That's what we should all be doing.

One positive thing my mom taught me was to be a giver. Not to worry about how you gave, or how much, or why, just that you did. Because when you live your life with charity, you life is enriched. It makes you a better person. I have tried to be charitable but I fail and fall short a lot of the time.

Nicolette, then surprised me by sending me a thank you package! Yes, I had a package from the postman today from Nicolette filled with the most adorable handmade bird. She must know I love birds. She also included two gorgeous pieces of blue batik fabric and some wonderful chocolate. Mmmmm.
Lovely birdie!

When I sent the fabric to Nicolette, I never intended to do it so I could receive a nice gift in return. That was an added blessing! What wonderful things happen in the blogosphere, if you're paying attention and are willing to share. The things learned as children really do work as adults too!

Thank you Nicolette. I cannot say it any better than that. Thank you for being you.

Nest and bird