31 December 2007

1850 Miles later...

We're home! We went over the river and through the woods and down the freeway and over the mountain to get to the daughter's home for Christmas! It was a blast! This is their last winter in Idaho and so we thought we'd go there this year for a real live white Christmas. And boy oh boy Idaho did not disappoint. It began to snow almost as we arrived and didn't let up for the whole week!

One cold MINI

We went visiting, and toured the area, found some good food and saw the wintery sights all around. We had a great Christmas day, boy can the youngest one cook! We will not forget our white Christmas ever!


Have a Happy New Year all! This year, has been a good one, but 2008 has some super surprises for all of us! Here is to all of you, may your journeys be great, your burdens light and may love surround you now and forever!