19 December 2007

Best Christmas Gift ever!

I got it a little early. But it really won't arrive until the end of July. One of my daughters has announce after three+ years of trying she is pregnant! Yay! It is the best news. You see, each of my daughters have a difficult time getting pregnant. Every one of them! I know this is good news that we all are so happy about; it is a bit melancholy for the other two as I know they wish it was them. Still we are all ecstatic about this news!

In light of the news this morning about the younger Spears sibling, I don't get it. Why do people who really really want to be pregnant get passed over for a young girl of 16 who isn't married or emotional prepared to care for a child. I don't get it.

Still I am happy and can hardly wait for July!

Jace's feet

ooooOOOOOoooooo Baby feet!