08 December 2007

Corner of my home

Merry Christmas, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Okay, this is the first area I'll share. I saw these trees in a 20 year old Christmas crafts book and had to make some. So easy!

cute tree

Start with a few pieces of Christmas type paper in complimenting colors. They can be solids or patterns. Cut several circles in descending sizes. I started with a five in circle and cut 4, 3, 2 and 1 inch circles also.

You'll also need a 36" piece of doweling. 3 packages of wooden spools and some sort of base. Paint the spools read and white. Paint the base green. I didn't paint the dowel.

Then I wrapped a bit of tape around the base of the dowel. This is because the hole in the base is just slightly larger than the dowel and I didn't like the leaning tree I was getting without it.


Then I also put a little bit of tape on the dowel where I wanted the first piece of paper to stop. This is where the lowest branch will be.

Dowel and tape

Now you're ready to build your trees. Oh Wait! You need a star. I took some bright yellow paper and a snowflake cutter I had and cut the stars. One side just palin paper, the other with some double stick tape on it. That way I could get them to stay together at the top of the tree.



Now begin stacking your tree together. A piece of paper, then two spools. A piece of paper and two spools, descending sizes of round, of course! And voila! You have trees! Addyour stars to the top and you're done!

Paper Trees