30 August 2006

Plate #2

new plate
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This is the newest creation. I love this plate! The owner of the bakery loves it. My niece, who happened to stop by today, loves it!

Again I ask, what's not to love?
Another view:

new plate 2

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28 August 2006

I've been up to something

just a hobby
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For years I have been fascinated by glass. I collect glass/crystal candy dishes, love vases and have more than my fair share of Crate and Barrel dishware.

I have stumbled upon a way to make glass even more a part of my life. Rather than going out and spending cash to acquire glass objects, I am now making them myself.

I stumbled upon the art of fused glass a couple of years ago. I didn't think of it often and put it in the back of my head. Just a few months ago, I was watching a show on tv. There was a lady from Texas showing everyone how she made little fused glass bowls. She made it look so simple, I thought "I could do that". A few months later I mentioned to my husband I wanted to give it a try. For a treat one Saturday we went to look at kilns and glass and see what was involved in this hobby. We weren't going to buy anything he said. Heh. Famous last words. We ended up purchasing a kiln, a glass starter pack and some tools.

After reading a couple of books and trying it out, I'm hooked. These pieces pictured above are the first "real" objects I have made. Currently there is more in the kiln fusing together and I can hardly wait to see how they turn out.

Here's another angle of the same dish and beads:

Fused glass

retro glass tray

The beads can be made into earrings and necklaces or door pulls and knobs. I am not sure just how I'll use them yet. One project I really want to do is make a back splash for the ktichen. Hmmmm. I'm going to need a lot of glass for that!

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21 August 2006

Books, I love books!

We were talking at the bakery the other day about reading. The owner is an avid reader like me. I mentioned one of my favorite authors has a new book coming out soon. It will be his first attempt at non-fiction, should be interesting. We'll see if it is as good as his fiction.

So of course over the weekend the owner had to pull down her copy of his last book and begin reading. She came in all excited about reading the first chapter. It is fun for me to talk about the books I've read with others. I have loved books since I was a small girl. I figured out very early in life that books could take you places. Not in the literal sense mind you, but places around the world, to experience things I would probably never experience any other way.

My favorite childhood book was Black Beauty. I still remember receiving it as a gift for Christmas one year. It became a prozed posession. From Black beauty I went on to read just about anything I could get my hands on. A favorite was the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle stories. They made me think about how my aproach to things could change outcomes. Then there were the Beverly Claery books. Henry and Ribsy. Charming. I loved them. Dr. Seuss, Sam the firefly, Go Dog Go and many others.

As my own children grew favorites emerged with them. Of course Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat and the old standards remained. But others entered. Caps for Sale, The Jolly Postman, Amelia Bedelia, and others. One thing still remains in our home. The bookshelves are filled with books to read. The bottom shelf being reserved for young readers. All their books are there to pull off and scour through and re-read. As they grow taller, the books to choose from grows. I don't think I have ever tossed a book or given one away.

You'll find all kinds of books on the shelf at our home. We even admitted out loud Saturday, we are in need of another bookshelf. Again. I can hardly wait for the new house. We will have a library. I am so excited to watch it fill up and be read over and over again.

What are your favorite books from your childhood?

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19 August 2006

Some guys really know how to have fun!

I just saw this video on YouTube. I am beginning to love YouTube. These guys are great. Plenty of dancing! Hit the play button and see why I'm considering a treadmill.

or watch it here:


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15 August 2006

It's me!

Car Transport 1
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Yep, that's me on highway 40 between Holbrook and Flagstaff. I'm the one reflecting off the back of a car transport truck. Please notice, that I am obviously the smallest car on the road. I was sharing it with everyone pulling a load. There was also a semi behind me. as shown in the pics below.

Car Transport 2

You can see the reflection of the semi too.

Car Transport 1

Have I said what fun I had? Such a good vacation! Wait till I show you another kind of transportation I took!

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14 August 2006

Only in a Salt Lake City 7-11

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We had stopped to pick up a map on out way to Idaho at a 7-11 in SLC. While my husband was inside retreiving the map I noticed a magazine in the rack that I have never seen in a 7-11 rackm before. It mademe laugh and I had to take the picture.

I have seen fishing magazines, girly magazines, teen beat magazines, the occasional TV guide, people and us and all those; but never in my life a Cross Stitchery magazine. heh.

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13 August 2006

Statements that make me crazy

I was listening to a young coed speak this week. She made a statement that really truly showed how naive she was. She was smart enough to get into college, a very difficult one to get in to at that, but evidently book learning is her forte.

I look ofrward to her learning a few more things along her path in life and hopefully she'll be able to see how ignorant she sounded some day: "I have had the opportunity to do community service this year too. I volunteer at a local elementary school. First graders. This elementary school is in an economically challenged area so most of the love and attention the children receive is at school."

And ta-daa! She proved herself ignorant.

Money does not make you a better parent. It does not make you love more, feel more, do more. It only changes your geography. I hope she really does learn this lesson.

She has lived in a house on a hill, in an economically priviledged area during her lifetime. He father is an attorney. Her mother is a stay at home mom. She got most of her love and attention at home. You see her parents had money. See how stupid that sounds!?!

What are some dumb things people say that make you crazy?

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05 August 2006

Photo Essay

Red, White and Blue

Summer days
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Wheat fields

Grand Tetons

Potato fields

Old Faithful

Arizona Sky



Mini brotherhood


Doheny Beach

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04 August 2006

Wahoo! Whew!

We're back. The longest roadtrip ever! 3318 miles added to the odometer and six states covered or at least entered. Yellowstone was great. The Grand Canyon is just that.

Watch for a photo essay in the morning. Glad to be home. I love my bed!

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