13 August 2006

Statements that make me crazy

I was listening to a young coed speak this week. She made a statement that really truly showed how naive she was. She was smart enough to get into college, a very difficult one to get in to at that, but evidently book learning is her forte.

I look ofrward to her learning a few more things along her path in life and hopefully she'll be able to see how ignorant she sounded some day: "I have had the opportunity to do community service this year too. I volunteer at a local elementary school. First graders. This elementary school is in an economically challenged area so most of the love and attention the children receive is at school."

And ta-daa! She proved herself ignorant.

Money does not make you a better parent. It does not make you love more, feel more, do more. It only changes your geography. I hope she really does learn this lesson.

She has lived in a house on a hill, in an economically priviledged area during her lifetime. He father is an attorney. Her mother is a stay at home mom. She got most of her love and attention at home. You see her parents had money. See how stupid that sounds!?!

What are some dumb things people say that make you crazy?