02 January 2008

WooHoo! Things will be great in 2008!

A new year. A new opportunity. First up? Resolutions. Are they made to be broken? Or am I just making the wrong ones? I think for a long time I have been making the wrong ones. So this year it is going to be a resolution list of small steps. Small things evoke great things over time. Keeping that in mind my resolutions are going to be more general in nature and as I attack them, I will define them more specifically.

Such as, I want to start doing some strength training this year. I believe a strong body is at the heart of longevity. I look at my grandmother who lived into her nineties. I can see her my minds eye and watch her doing her arms lifts and circles, her knee bends and toe touches at 85 and 90. She always said that a body in motion continues to do so. She had terrible arthritis in her back and had a devil of a time standing up straight, but still kept her legs strong and her arms moving. Those exercises helped her stay active and spoke to her quality of life.

I see other family members who have basically just quit moving, exercising or being physically active. It is truly a shame. To see one stumble around due to lack of exercise is not a fun thing to watch. I am aging and refuse to go down quietly. So I have begun a weight training program. It is a simple effort on my part. I am beginning with strengthening bands and will work up from there. I use a series of photos to assist me in my efforts and I will not abandon this resolution. It will be easy to do anywhere I am and will keep it up daily.

Another resolution is to schedule my time better. I will begin scheduling my crafting, glass work and yes, even computer time. Rather than work away a day in the garage doing glass and neglecting all else, I will have a glass working time, a crafting time and a computer time. This will be a flexible schedule so to leave time for visits with friends neighbors and family, yet structured enough that people will know they are interrupting specific tasks.

One thing that will ease this schedule along is my purcahse of a headset for my phone. I can talk on the phone right now, as I hold it up to my ear. A task that shuts down other activity on my part. Not just because I have to hold it, but because I have such difficulty hearing if it is on speaker. I am suffering a loss of hearing. Not due to age, but from genetics. We have a history of hearing issues in the family (could be why s'mee knows how to translate for the deaf) and I am among them. As is my youngest daughter. It is getting worse and the doctor tells me I will probably not be a hearing person in the span of ten years. Hearing aids will help but not forever. So the headset will help me hear better when I am talking with people on the phone. It will also help me be more productive. Yay.

Those are just a couple of resolutions I will share. Now, back to the decorating tear down!