26 January 2008

Winter trees

Winter trees, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

I love the colors of winter. The blue grey in the sky, the dark browns and bright pinks. Here are a few shots of the area around me.

A big bird in the sky, headed for Phoenix and parts unknown.
Winter sunset

Under the shadow of this mountain my husband was born. Indian legend says he'll never leave this valley. Hmmm. What is that in Arizona?
The shadow of the mountain

Evening sky. So beautiful.
Winter sunset

This is a picture I showed you in the summer leading to fall.
Summer and fall

Now we've had just a slight, and I mean slight ~ less than a half inch ~ of rain. It always amazes me what such small amounts of water can do to bring forth life. Such a type and shadow.
Just a bit of rain

If you click on the pictures it goes to the flickr account where you can see the whole picture, larger.