12 January 2008

Food, food , food and a movie

I have been consumed (so to speak) with food for a week! I am getting ready to go to the Fancy Food Show, see my food blog for the link, and am really neglecting things over here. Sorry guys!

The month of January is always food though. The Fancy Food Show and then Westpack at the end of the month. I love going to Westpack and seeing what neat things packagers are doing to attract the human psyche. Sometimes it is the same old thing but then you get surprised by some new packaging that amazes you.

I know, I know, I can get excited about the weirdest things. Packaging. But...last year I went and I ran into a firm that made teflon shields for heat shrink machines and such. I asked if I could ask them about supplying me with a piece of teflon that I could use when I sewed my sunspots. The guy smiled and said let me introduce you to this woman. And I met this woman, she's the nicest person! She laughed because her male colleagues probably thought she'd never sell her invention. Well, who is it you ask?

I won't give you her name, because she doesn't mention it on her website, but here it is: Sew Slip I needed something that would allow a clingy material to move along without sticking to the presser foot and arm of the machine. She developed the Sew Slip to do just that! One side is tacky and sticks to the sewing machine and the other is teflon coated to allow the fabric to glide along unfettered. It works great. All you quilters out there should have one! It is worth the money.

That is why I get excited about going to trade shows. You never know who you'll meet!

Oh and then yesterday afternoon I took a break and went to see National Treasure with the husband. It was great! We really enjoyed it and do recommend it to everyone too!