21 January 2008

Oh that's depressing...

I got up this morning and of course, the news was on. The first story I listened to, once all the political pundits quit thrashing about, was one on January 21st. Yep today. What's so special about today? Well, it's is MLK day here in the states, but that's not it. Because MLK day is a floating holiday so it is not always on the 21st. So what is it about the 21st?

Well, January 21st has been deemed the most depressing day on the calendar! Oh my. I got up felling pretty good this morning. In fact i had a dream about a new glass sculpture and I am heading out to the shop (read garage) to get started working on it. If you are one of those who agree with the television report, take the day off. Go do something just for you and pay no regard to the calendar.

I'm wondering if this is an indication of how out of step I am? It would explain a lot.