07 January 2008

Another Idaho gift

Another Idaho gift, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Another thing I got in Idaho! A huge crack in the windshield. Aaack. Hwo it happened, well, not being the really smart person I usually am in warm weather...

It was 8 degrees outside. I had just cleared off all the snow (10" or more) and started up Justa. She was warming up but the windows were fogging up quickly. So I turned on the defroster and as the car heated up quickly, and the windshield not warming as fast, I heard a crack! and then another. Eeeck. The understanding of the principles surrounding the coefficient of glass will tell you that glass heats slowly and when rushed will cracks! My car is now a living example of warming glass too quickly.

And me a glass artist. Who knew.

It's kind of like a mini version of the Tetons with me all the time.