16 March 2008

Night photos

Blurry bird, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Fortunately we live in an area where night photo opportunities abound. Last night as I drove through the neighborhood I noticed a party on a street next to mine. A big party. As I mentioned it to my husband he said well it should be an interesting night.

Later it began to pour. We talked about the fire pit at the party being put out and it probably putting an end to it all. Then after about an hour the rain let up. The clouds dispersed a bit and a new light began to shine in the sky. It was our old friend the helicopter!

The helicopter is own by the sherrif's station in this county. On occasion we have had the pleasure of being awakened late at night with loud announcements to stay in our homes and make sure the doors are locked. Fun. But hey, that's the burbs for ya.

Last night I decided to grab the camera, set the ISO at 800 and see what I could shoot. I actually got some neat shots:

Round and round

Circling round

Across the sky

Circling the wagons

Helicopter at night

I love how you can see his spot acros the sky as he circles the problem area. There were also fire engines and ambulances involved. Nothing like a Saturday night for some fun in the neighborhood!