20 February 2008


This picture hangs in my hallway. The big guy purchased it for me years ago on one of our trips to San Francisco. The artist is Robert Sexton. You can usually catch an ad of his in the back of Sunset Magazine. His pictures speak to me. I love stippling as an art form. One little dot in the wrong place and you goof it up. That is why I appreciate it so much.

This picture reminds me of my 4 year old self, and my almost five year old brother. The sentiment on the photo reads: "We will always be children in the time of the heart; For trust never ages, and love has no end." It is like Mr. Sexton found a photo of us when we were out riding bikes one day and turned it into a sale-able piece just for us. It is a lithograph of which I own number 416 of 600. I wonder who else owns this picture and what meaning it has for them. Hmmm. That might be an interesting project.