06 February 2008

Wow! What a hairdo!

Wow What a hairdo!, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

I have a love/hate relationship with the hairdresser. I have thick curly/wavy hair that is also coarse. I blow it out and use Straightworks to help keep it smooth and in place. If I go anywhere near the beach all that is in vain as the humidity just makes it frizz all the more.

I really love my hair. I have been envied in the family by at least one sister that I know of. But still. There comes a time when you just have to pay someone to shape it and make it do what it should.

Being that I have no real girl skillz I rely on others for advice as to how to fix it, how to color it and who best to allow their scissors near me. This is where we fall into problems.

I evidently speak a different language because usually when I tell them how I wear my hair and how I make it work, they hear "oh it should be short in front so it frizzes uncontrollably when I am trying to look professional." or something to that end.

An example of this was just two weeks ago. I went to the local salon in time for my appointment only to wait a half hour. My stylist asked how things were going, the usually witty banter ensued and then she said how's the color. Well, she must not have worn her glasses, as looking at my hair it was obvious something need to be done with this setting sun of a color job. (yes, s'mee I can hear you now) So we decided on a color and went forth to dying. Two hours later we were finally done. Yeah I never thought it would take two hours for a one dimension color job either. It was getting late and my head was still went and needed to be trimmed too.

So she set off to trim it up and suddenly turned and said "Would it be okay if I sent you home without the blow-dry? I'm really hungry and have another appointment soon and if I don't get some lunch I just won;t make it through the day. I've been really stressed lately..." and as her voice trailed off I heard myself mumbling something along the lines of "sure it's okay, I can do it at home."

AAAACK. Thus my love/hate relationship. And that picture is exactly how it looks now!