27 February 2008


I just ran across this picture over at Megan's flickr account. I had to favorite it. You see, packaging makes me swoon. Not just any packaging, but little tins or boxes. I have quite a collection going and cannot resist the recycle-ability of tin or a well made box. Don't get girl one, two or three started on my obsession with plastic containers! They could write volumes about it.

I like order. I like compartments. I like treasures. I have a box for everything. But I can't stand cardboard. Cardboard represents temporary for me. My whole childhood was spent in cardboard. We moved at least every 8 months and so many bits and pieces were lost out of a cardboard box. So now if I have a box, it must be decorated, sturdy and attractive. Leather boxes? Oh my, give me one and you'll have me forever! Wood, too!

What makes you swoon? What do you love, materialistically speaking I mean.