21 February 2008

Just about ready for market

Wine set, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

This work in progress is turning out quite well. I have the cheese dish, the wine charms and now the bottle cover made. All I need now is to get a small leather symbol to dress up the cover a bit and a gift box and it will be ready to take to the wineries around here.

The bottle cover is made of genuine suede leather. I sew the tube and punch the holes for the leather tie. I will also be adding a small leather medallion for the outside as a decoration. I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

We live in SoCal's wine country and I think the wineries might be interested in offering it to their customers. Of course the wine set will not come with the bottle of wine, so they can use they're own wine to add to the set.

Me, I'll ad the non-alcohol grape juice to mine! Watch for this at 3 Hip Sisters soon!