18 February 2008

My So Called Life - A glimpse

The oldest daughter tagged me with this one:

10 yrs ago:
Was the year the middle daughter graduated from school. I was working part time for a friend doing research at his investment firm.

5 Things on my list of things to do today:
Finish my slides project - I got them photographed at least!
Laundry - ugh.
Work on some vinyl projects.
Go to Target.
Begin Easter surprises for Sport and Little miss.

Things I would do if I suddenly was a Billionaire:
Set up a family trust.
Pay off all debts.
Build homes.
Travel the world, to see if I could actually identify a root in my family origin.
Set up a foundation to help middle class families in need of short term financial assistance; including paying for educational expenses for women really wanting to pursue the arts (any kind).
Remember that money is for spending and helping others, and be grateful for the blessing/trial of having it.

3 of my bad habits:
Just 3???
Chewing on my fingers when I get stressed.
Being too independent.
Objectifying people.

Places I have lived:
Port Huron, MI
Redondo Beach, CA
Long Beach, CA
Lynwood, CA
Anaheim, CA
and that was just the first five years of life!

Jobs I have had:
Bank Teller, I proved youcould close an account without crediting all the interest earned. That job lasted two weeks. ugh.
Union Grocery Clerk - great pay, lousy hours
Sales person in a camera store
Stock Broker
Plant Manager, food processing company

Things most people don't know about me:
I love research, give me a topic.
I love to run, even though I don't do it.
I have a difficult time with color coordination.
I am going deaf, not due to age.
I find being alone is not a difficult thing, although I enjoy company when it is around.

Who to tag? It seems everyone I know has been. So if you haven't and want to share, go for it. I'd love to see your answers.