15 May 2007

Just Married

bicycle, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

I remember those words so well....

He: Looked like the lead singer from Metallica
She: A pretty good copy of Jamie Lee Curtis in her prime

He: Played bass in a rock band
She: made costumes for the band

He: Was her brothers friend
She: Had a bet with a friend on who of them would go out with him

He: asked out she
She: accepted

The rest is history. 32 years of a journey, not a destination. He no longer looks like the lead singer in Metallica, she no longer resembles Jamie Lee. They are both part of a bigger picture now, with blessings of daughters and sons-in-laws. With a granddaughter and a grandson.
And more war stories some people wouldn't believe. A roller coaster of a life.

They started out with a bicycle and a loaf of french bread tucked under their arm. And dreams of being together forever, simple lovers building a life made from dreams.

Thank you dear one. I will love you forever.