31 December 2006

They came, we saw, they went home!

It was a flurry of activity at our place for the holidays. Everyone came home. The girls and their husbands we all here to celebrate together. They couldn't stay long as obligations such as rent and jobs take their priority these days. But wow, while they were here it was great. People were every where! Each room was filled with luggage or people or Christmas!

Presents were exchanged and everyone was pleased. The crowning glory of course was little miss and her entourage. Dora the explorer, the pony brigade, and oh what fun the advent calendar was! The Christmas morning surprise of her car was a highlight. I am not sure her father was very pleased as trying to get all the belongings and a car into their car for the trip home was quite a feat!

The best moments were spent talking and remembering and just being together. So many pictures were taken. Little miss waded in the pacific ocean for her first time ever and her beach girl genes were awakened from their sleep. She is a natural born Californian and will enjoy many many trips to the ocean. My ocean as she called it. There were tears as we left the shoreline, but promises to re-visit on warmer days ahead.

Sandy feet

Our quarters were close, but no one seemed to mind. Next year they'll all be at the in-laws and we'll see them in "off days" as their in-laws did this year. It givesus ample time to have the house up and comfortable in two years for them all to come home again for Christmas, in a new home, with personal rooms for all. Plus a huge great room for fun and frolick!