04 March 2007

St Patrick's Boutonnieres

Years ago Martha Stewart had a "good thing" St Patrick's idea. I filed it away and said someday I'm going to do that. So Thursday I scanned the article, printed out a copy and gave it a go. I decided to use paper rather than cloth because that's what I had close by. It eliminated a couple steps and I got it done quickly.

Step 1. After printing out your example, cut out the template of the clover. Trace it on to the back of the paper you've chosen. I chose three different green papers to make mine.

St Patricks project 1

Step 2. Cut out your clovers, making sure not keep the pencil lines.

St Patricks project 2

Step 3. Fold each clover petal in half from the back side. You want the crease to pull the leaves forward when you're looking at your print.

st patricks project 8

Step 4. Twist your wire. I used a small screwdriver to help twist the wire around. It wasn't difficult to do at all. Leave about a quarter inch at the top in a v shape for gluing it to the paper.

st patricks project 6

st patricks project 7

St. Patricks project 3

Step 5. In order to make sure the wire stayed stuck, I added an element to the paper version. I cut a small dot of paper about 3/8" in diameter for the back. I then added a bit of glue, stuck the wire into the glue and topped it with the small circle.

st patricks project 9

st patricks project 10

Step 6. Arrange your clover leafs together and add a bow. I tied a knot first hold hold it stable; and then did the bow. Voila!

st patricks project 11

Hopefully this will inspire you to make your own. I especially made this one for the big guy. He will be all alone on St Patricks day this year. I will be in Virginia with the new baby. I wanted him to know I was thinking about him still.