12 March 2007

LIve blogging the birth

Well, not really but close. We are at the hospital. Nothing happening yet as far as a baby though. They admitted the oldest daughter for high blood pressure this a.m. with the notation, we'll figure out how to get this baby out soon. So not quite sure what that means, but I'll keep you updated.

One thing I know for certain. I'm freezing! It's cold here, 29 degrees on the way to the hospital at 8 a.m. Sunny but coooooooold! I am such a SoCal diva. If it's not at least 72 outside we better just stay indoors!

Okay, I'm back! Looks like this one is going into hyper speed! We have a momma that's entering into 2nd stage toxemia at this point so the decision has been made to do a section. Welcome to the club first one! We should have a baby boy here in about 25 minutes they say!!!! Yay!

One funny note. To pass the time we have been watching the ilusionist on dvd. The lead character is Eisenheim. In walks the anesthesiologist to prep for the surgery and introduces himself as Dr. Eisenberg. Yeah, twilight zone music plays in the background.

Ha! I hear brand new baby crying! Maybe its ours! Another grandchild. Two now. It gets better all the time! Yep. There's the tears.