12 June 2008

Spring cleaning. What this is June!

I have been spending time in my garage. Oh I'd love to call it the studio but it really is a garage. I park my car in it every night! I can't imagine going back to the days I parked my car out on the street or in a parking stall sort of like this:
One cold MINI

That is truly cringe worthy for me! We have worked very hard to have a house with an attached garage and I'm going to use it for its designed purpose! Well, that said it is also my studio. Recently I have been having to move this, straddle that, and had become very frustrated with the layout. Yesterday morning I marched (well, more like begrudgingly meandered) out there to make some changes!

You know how in order to make things more organized, you first have to blow it up? Yeah that's the state of the garage right now. I still got my car in last night, but I have at least two more days before I can reveal the new and improved garage/studio. And yes, as you all know, with toes pictures and all, I'll share the finished work with you.