06 June 2008

Everything's coming up roses!

You know that line. We use it when we don't really know how to express feelings that are too close to share. Or when things really are going well. I have been around my little group of blogs recently and I can say things are coming up roses.

Some people blog about their troubles and ask for prayers. Others shoulder their burdens quietly, and then after the storm talk about how it went. I would like to put something out there to everyone.

I believe in the power of prayer. Many of us could use a good word or two in prayer. I suggest we all say a prayer for our fellow bloggers. We are all struggling with private problems that we may or may not want to share. I believe a good word on behalf of another in prayer can work miracles. As an attempt to support those around me, and possibly myself, I ask that we pray for each other. Prayers for healing, prayers for gratitude, prayers for intervention on our behalf, any prayer is a good prayer. So please pray with me.